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Profil TitelLandTyp Datum
Innovative uses for plastic wasteUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-07-17
Durable porous surfaces for driveways and paths from recycled tyresUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-28
Urgent - Sustainable packaging for food deliveryBelgium REQUEST 2015-07-20
Sustainable waste water treatment system sought for large hotelGermany REQUEST 2015-06-17
Optimizing the logistic of waste collection by applying a transceiver system indicating the fullness levelHungary OFFER 2015-07-29
A technology for processing straw into cellulose fibrous semi-productUkraine OFFER 2015-07-30
Anti-aging charging technology (renew cell battery regeneration system)Korea OFFER 2015-07-28
New technology to produce biodiesel and other biofuels from glycerolSpain OFFER 2015-05-21
Solutions for valorization of waste emulsion from metal machining processing requestedRomania REQUEST 2015-05-12
High value-added recycling technologies for the minerals collected from fly ashKorea REQUEST 2015-05-05
Hybrid technologies for poultry litter management and power generation REQUEST 2015-06-01
Collaborations sought for development of Polymer reactorUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-07-10
Waste leather processing techniques and applicationsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-04-22
Innovative analysis expertise and software for solid waste process design and optimizationFrance OFFER 2015-04-14
Innovative services and software for process design and optimization in the mineral and metallurgical industriesFrance OFFER 2015-06-23
High-end technology wood pyrolysis boiler with ultra-low emissions and high efficiency for small and medium level applicationsGreece OFFER 2015-06-26
Innovative and integrated device to collect, grind and compress organic and inorganic wasteItaly OFFER 2015-03-31
H2020- Galileo-2-2015: End-users in the field of waste collection and/or street cleaningSpain RESEARCH 2015-03-14
COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03 Cluster go international - smart citySpain RESEARCH 2015-03-23
Process for separating ( glas-, carbon- and aramid) fibers and resins in composites for reuse in new products.Netherlands REQUEST 2015-02-25
Device for sorting fragments of materials by their colourCzech Republic OFFER 2015-03-17
New technology for neutralisation of industrial wastewater, concentrated solutions and solid waste containing heavy metalsPoland OFFER 2015-02-13
Reducing environmental risks of solid wasteHungary OFFER 2015-05-12
A Turkish chemical company is searching for the most economical drying system for the waste sludge of the soda plant.Turkey REQUEST 2015-05-07
WASTE-6a-2015: SMEs and Universities sought for Green Material Exchange System (GMES)Greece RESEARCH 2015-02-17
Technology for catalytic cracking of polyolefin (plastic) wastePoland OFFER 2015-04-27
Efficient technology for eco-fuel productionPoland OFFER 2015-04-27
Technology for waste processing (metalized polyolefin film)Poland OFFER 2015-04-27
Innovative heat exchangers for waste heat recovery from fumes and micro gas turbinesBelgium OFFER 2015-05-12
The innovative technology for thermal conversion of waste and sediments of different originPoland OFFER 2015-04-22
Automated fat and oil skimmer for efficient and cost effective removal and recovery of oil and fat from waste water, processing tanks and systems.United Kingdom OFFER 2015-05-11
WASTE-7-2015: SMEs sought for preparing a proposal on integrated processes of agricultural waste valorization along the entire value chainGreece RESEARCH 2015-02-05
Novel integrated technology for processing rice husks in order to turn them into carbon / silicon - containing materials with added valueBulgaria OFFER 2015-05-31
Innovative ceramic tiles made from industrial wastes with improved propertiesBulgaria OFFER 2015-05-27
Urgent - Creep Resistant Polymer MaterialsBelgium REQUEST 2015-01-21
A novel synthesis process of zeolite from fly ash at low temperatureItaly OFFER 2015-01-09
System for treatment of oil-contaminated wastewater from washing reservoirs, tankers and railway cisterns and reuse of the pollutantMacedonia OFFER 2015-04-01
An Indian company seeks joint venture partner with European company having experience in implementing projects in waste to gas, gas scrubbing, bottling of gas. REQUEST 2015-02-05
H2020-SPIRE-6-2015: Organic waste integration into industrial feedstock to achieve improved efficiency in the building industryGreece RESEARCH 2014-12-09
ERANETMED-JC-Energy-2014: Biomass products from local and cheap raw materials free of toxic impuritiesGreece RESEARCH 2014-11-28
Η2020-SC5-WATER-5-2015: Combined use of advanced oxidation technologies for cost-effective, sustainable water treatment and recyclingGreece RESEARCH 2014-10-24
Cost saving and efficient industrial flue gas cleaning systems for NOx reductionAustria OFFER 2015-01-20
H2020-SPIRE-7–2015: Construction and validation of a process for extraction of valuable metalsSpain RESEARCH 2015-01-14
Partners sought for HORIZON 2020 project - “Valorization of Lignin and Cellulose from agricultural residues - Complete utilization for sustainable chemistry”Germany RESEARCH 2014-09-25
Lignin extraction process – Plant residues as sustainable carbohydrate and lignin source for green chemistryGermany OFFER 2014-10-06
LIFE - Recycling wood, foams and textiles from end-of-life vehicles and municipal bulky wastesSpain RESEARCH 2014-10-07
Topsoil substitute made of mining/quarry mineral wasteFrance OFFER 2014-09-30
Process for recycling carbon fiberFrance OFFER 2014-09-25
H2020. FoF 13-2015 Material scientist partner required who specialises in material reuse/recyclingUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-22
PS - H2020-BB. VC3.D4-2014 - Integrate process for valorisation of agro-food residues for production of high added value functional additives, polymers and compositesSpain RESEARCH 2014-09-16
A Swedish company offers a new technological breakthrough for compressing styrofoamSweden OFFER 2014-09-11
Burner for simultaneous combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels of unstable qualityCzech Republic OFFER 2014-08-28
H2020: FoF 13-2015. Manufacturer or remanufacturer of electronic products, turbine blades, aircraft components soughtUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-18
H2020. FoF 13-2015. Partner required to carry out product life cycle assessmentUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-16
H2020: FoF 13-2015. business consultant partner is required to provide cost estimation and business modelUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2014-09-16
Partners and coordinator sought for R&I project: HORIZON 2020: WASTE-7-2015 – Sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products and by-productsGermany RESEARCH 2014-08-22
An innovative flexible gas-liquid contacting system providing more efficient gas absorption and pollutant gas removal and easier handling than currently used systems.United Kingdom OFFER 2014-08-18
PS: H2020-WASTE-2015 - Utilization of fly ash and dust from dedusting equipment of waste incineration plant for light aggregates productionPoland RESEARCH 2014-09-09
PS: H2020-WASTE-2015 - Recovery of yttrium and europium compounds from WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)Poland RESEARCH 2014-09-17
Microorganism Technology and Technology for Minimizing Noise and OdorKorea REQUEST 2014-08-14
Indian company is looking for advanced technology regarding tertiary treatment of sewage and further recycling/ reuse in industrial application. REQUEST 2014-08-14
Adding value to refractory metals industrial scrap and waste by converting them into high value chemical productsFrance OFFER 2014-08-22
New procedure for the elimination of printed ink from plastic filmSpain OFFER 2014-08-07
Novel technology for lightweight aggregates made of recycled masonry rubbleGermany OFFER 2014-08-05
Technology of LCD monitors utilization is sought.Poland REQUEST 2014-08-04
Cigarette butts recycling and valorization solution soughtFrance REQUEST 2014-07-30
Urgent: FP7-SME-2013 SPABRINK running project - A novel advertising tool that can be printed and wiped off, while the ink itself can be reused for further printingHungary RESEARCH 2014-07-18
Remove and reuse of nitrogen oxide to nitric acid using the principle of fuel cellKorea OFFER 2014-08-04
Device to eliminate unpleasant smells from waste bins using organic productsItaly OFFER 2015-07-13
Method of synthesis of phosphonium sulfates(VI)Poland OFFER 2015-07-02
Integrated system for waste material and energy recovery from non-recyclable fractionsItaly OFFER 2014-07-22
Technology for profitable recycling of used tires with valuable side productsDenmark OFFER 2015-05-20
Volumetric recovery in active dumping groundsItaly OFFER 2015-06-30
Polymer Melts Filtration UnitRussia OFFER 2015-06-30
Process for the recycling of permanent magnetsGermany OFFER 2014-06-30
Facility for recycling of polyethylene terephthalate wastesRussia OFFER 2015-06-30
Production of porous microcellular materials from ligninFrance OFFER 2014-07-17
new technology and equipment for high-quality steel wire scraps mining from used tires by magnetic shock methodUkraine OFFER 2015-07-06
Innovative analysis expertise for process design and optimization, including technical, economical and environmental aspectsFrance OFFER 2014-07-11
Pyrolysis technology for the recycling of waste tyre.Hungary OFFER 2014-07-04
Conversion of cellulose into high quality compound for injection partsGermany OFFER 2014-07-04
Innovative waste-water treatment for spent metal working fluidsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-07-23
Innovative system for drying sludgeItaly OFFER 2014-07-04
Carbon fiber reinforcements postmaking process's cuttingsLithuania REQUEST 2014-12-15
Selective filtration technology for the recovery of precious metalsFrance OFFER 2015-06-25
Bio-based re-usable vacuum bagging technology for composite productionNetherlands OFFER 2015-02-18
Expertise in developing Solid waste management & Waste-Water Treatment sought REQUEST 2014-07-01
Water Treatment: Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration MembranesFrance OFFER 2015-06-24
Biofilm process to treat industrial effluents containing up tp 150 g/L saltGermany OFFER 2014-06-16
Garbage truck for rubbish burningPoland OFFER 2014-06-10
Recycling of drilling emulsions and lubricantsGermany OFFER 2014-05-29
Optimum control of substrate blend and operation in anaerobic co-digestionSpain OFFER 2014-06-05
Remediation equipment technology for soilKorea OFFER 2014-06-04
Eco-friendly Zinc Metal SeparatorKorea OFFER 2014-06-04
Eco sorbent for multiuse water- and air-filtersRussia OFFER 2015-04-20
Innovative solutions to measure moisture in energy and waste treatment processesFrance REQUEST 2014-06-05
Technology to transform plastic and rubber wastes into dieselSpain REQUEST 2014-05-27
Expertise in designing low cost efficient Material Recovery Facility (MRF) sought. REQUEST 2014-05-16
Characterisation and treatment of agroindustrial waste for biogas productionSpain OFFER 2014-05-20
Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) / glass fibers compositesGreece OFFER 2015-05-04
Cement composites incorporating end-of-life aircraft insulation materialsGreece OFFER 2015-05-04
Clay bricks incorporating recovered glass fibers.Greece OFFER 2015-05-14
A Turkish conglomerate seeking innovative technologies in waste to energy to be applied in TurkeyTurkey REQUEST 2014-05-28
Thermo-mechanical digestion of biogenous refuseGermany OFFER 2014-05-14
Cost-effective base and sealing layers for waste disposal sites, brownfield sites and fallow landGermany OFFER 2014-05-12
Briquetting technology for improved recycling in metalworking industriesGermany OFFER 2014-11-17
Innovative anti hail rocket propelling charge production from military wastes OFFER 2015-05-05
Innovative multi-functional pet hygiene device for animal waste clearanceUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-05-09
New technologies wanted to reduce resource consumption in retail units, data centres, industrial units and large office complexes.United Kingdom REQUEST 2014-05-02
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalitiesIsrael OFFER 2015-04-22
Technology for optimal utilization of agricultural waste and energy recoveryMacedonia OFFER 2014-06-03
Bank of fungal biodiversityItaly OFFER 2014-07-10
Interdisciplinary researches on the ecological utilization of the waste water sludge from the textile industry for EUREKA Research ProgrammeRomania RESEARCH 2014-05-07
Technology and pilot plant for obtaining biogas by using the anaerobic digestion processRomania OFFER 2014-05-13
System to remove free oil, suspended solids and dissolved hydrocarbons from produced water resulting from oil productionLuxembourg OFFER 2014-05-15
Amine separation and catalyst recyclingGermany OFFER 2014-05-02
Reuse of filter backwash water based on ceramic membranes from drinking waterNetherlands OFFER 2014-07-02
Treatment of digestate with ceramic membranesNetherlands OFFER 2014-07-02
Electrochemical regeneration of activated carbon saturatedSpain OFFER 2015-05-07
Laboratory microwave and ultrasonic equipment for plant extractionFrance OFFER 2015-02-09
Recycling quarry sludge into expanded clay aggregates for the building industryFrance OFFER 2015-02-09
Optimized Density Separation with Float-Sink TanksGermany OFFER 2015-04-27
New fluid bed pilot plant for recycling of wasteSweden OFFER 2014-03-21
Electrokinetic method for initiation and stabilization of combustion of low-calorie organic combustiblesUkraine OFFER 2015-05-12
URGENT:Horizon 2020 call WASTE-4a-2014 partner search: An EU near-zero waste stakeholder platform.Greece RESEARCH 2014-03-14
PS:H2020-WASTE-1-2014. Denim for Good (Development of a circular economy model in the clothing and fashion industry)Spain RESEARCH 2014-03-17
Promotion of the reutilization and valorisation of urban bulky wastes as alternative sustainable source to innovative applicationsSpain RESEARCH 2014-03-13
R&D cooperation in development, testing, audit and financing of petrophysical and geophysical applicationsHungary OFFER 2015-04-23
An innovative sewage water treatment systemItaly OFFER 2015-03-24
Removal of sulfur compounds form a liquid hydrocarbon stream or from flue gassesBelgium REQUEST 2014-03-03
Development of an economical on-board liquid ice preparing system for small size fishing vessels by recovering waste energy, already funded under FP7-SME-2013 Research for the Benefit of SMEs programHungary RESEARCH 2014-02-21
Process for the extraction of virgin quality cellulose, lignin and other content from mixed waste materialsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-02-28
PS-H2020-WASTE-6-2015: BIOWASTE2PRODUCT – Searching biowaste products and by-productsSpain RESEARCH 2014-04-30
Wood pyrolisis boiler for small and medium level applicationsGreece OFFER 2014-03-12
Seeking technology for adding value to wood ashRomania REQUEST 2015-05-08
Seeking technology for adding value to municipal waste water sludgeRomania REQUEST 2015-05-08
Scalable technology for using kitchen waste as a resource REQUEST 2014-08-05
New innovative patented dustproof vacuum cleaner with air disinfectant abilityItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Automated mattress recycling plant looking for partners in EuropeNetherlands OFFER 2014-01-30
Method for simultaneous determination of anion and cation content in water samples through Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES)Spain OFFER 2015-05-07
Waste water treatment system with remote managementCroatia OFFER 2014-01-27
New insulating material making use of solid wastes from steelmakingSpain OFFER 2014-05-19
Canal-scouring measuring systemAustria OFFER 2014-03-26
System of rapid biomethanisation with an anaerobic filter for treatment of agricultural and industrial effluentsBelgium OFFER 2015-03-16
Treatment of cheese production wastewaterGreece OFFER 2014-04-02
New process for reinforcing composites using waste materialsItaly OFFER 2014-02-05
A Polish company is searching for a partner able to provide a technology for the transformation of waste to energyPoland REQUEST 2015-02-02
Technology for treatment and recovery of any origin fluid waste with high NH3 (ammonia) percentage in its compositionSpain OFFER 2015-04-01
Innovative, cost-effective Wastewater Treatment / Wastewater Pond Technology for new plants and for corrective maintenance of old wastewater plantsGermany OFFER 2014-06-04
Technology to recycle rubber wastes of different polymer basisSpain REQUEST 2015-05-14
Alternative resources sought as substrate to grow mushrooms onNetherlands REQUEST 2014-01-07
New technologies sought to valorise champost (mushroom compost)Netherlands REQUEST 2014-01-08
Water nitrates removal and waste reuse as fertilizerSpain OFFER 2014-06-13
New method for removal of sulphates from water by chemical precipitationSpain OFFER 2014-12-19
Technology to treat slurries and sludgesSpain REQUEST 2015-05-14
Novel carbon for Li-ion battery, lead acid, super-capacitor, conductive Ink and filter applicationIsrael OFFER 2015-06-21
Innovation in Sustainable Wastewater ManagementIsrael OFFER 2014-02-06
Fluidized bed reactor for sewage sludge treatmentCzech Republic OFFER 2014-01-21
Enhanced urban waste collection systemsItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Recyling System for obtaining clean prestressed steel wire from tyresItaly OFFER 2014-01-24
Hidden urban waste containersItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Seismic quality index of rock massCroatia OFFER 2014-11-14
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalitiesIsrael OFFER 2015-06-10
Carding technology for textile waste recyclingLatvia REQUEST 2013-12-19
Glass fiber reinforcements postmaking process cuttingsLithuania REQUEST 2014-03-10
Hydrometallurgic process for recovering waste materials from printed circuit boards (PCBs)Italy OFFER 2015-04-24
Production technology of ecologically pure sorbent for gathering of oil and its products from surfaces of water storages and soils.Ukraine OFFER 2015-01-19
Automatic colour separation technology for glass recycling in waste containersItaly OFFER 2014-03-25
Antioxidant product derived from coffee residues.Spain OFFER 2014-05-07
Mineral waste eco-friendly recycling technologies for the building materials industryRomania OFFER 2015-05-18
Healthy bakery products with high level of dietary antioxidant fibreSpain OFFER 2015-04-30
Trapping, recycling or neutralising 1,3-butadieneUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-12-03
Innovative treatment system for the reverse osmosis process - no need for chemicals / softenersIsrael OFFER 2015-06-14
Innovative method for producing animal food with optimized nutrient content by using vinasse as raw materialTurkey OFFER 2014-06-12
Removal of arsenic from potable waterGreece OFFER 2014-04-30
Biodegradation of terpene-based materialsSpain OFFER 2014-12-16
Production of industrial carbon, oil, gas and steel by recycling the scrap tyres and scrap rubberCroatia OFFER 2014-05-23
Zero Liquid Discharge Technology for an Effluent Treatment Plant in a Distillery Industry based in North India REQUEST 2014-02-18
Implementation of Zero Liquid Discharge in Indian Paper and Pulp Industry REQUEST 2014-01-16
E-waste segregation, recycling, metal recovery & refining REQUEST 2014-08-05
Novel bin system for cigarette butts and chewed gumUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-06-10
Innovative measuring systems for the detection of radioactivityGermany OFFER 2015-04-17
Treatment system for liquid wastes of different compositionSpain REQUEST 2013-11-27
Light artificial aggregates from processed sludgesPoland OFFER 2013-11-28
Design and construction of a complete wastewater (pig-farming waste) treatment system incorporating biogas technology.Greece REQUEST 2013-11-25
Recycling systems and solutions for public outdoor (park, city) and indoor (shopping malls, airports, offices) environmentsSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Single machines and complete system for dissolving and separating household waste for bioenergy/biogas productionSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Offering New Process Technology for Setting up Biodiesel Facility by Using Cavitation MethodTurkey OFFER 2014-02-06
Offering a New Process for Wastewater Treatment in Melamine Urea Formaldehyde Resin Production FacilitiesTurkey OFFER 2013-10-23
Unique process for obtaining water and fibre (raw material) recovery process from refining waste watersTurkey OFFER 2013-10-24
Turkish company offering a unique technology for recovering acid, water and chemicals at galvanizing plants, targeting zero dischargeTurkey OFFER 2013-10-29
Modular plant for industrial waste water treatmentGermany OFFER 2013-10-30
Innovative composites made of almond shells for manufacturing new productsSpain OFFER 2014-06-27
Purification and liquefaction of bionatural gaz (LNG)France OFFER 2013-09-30
Measuring method for concentration of phytoplankton biomass is offeredPoland OFFER 2014-09-29
Integrated management and exploitation of multi-dispersed agricultural residues – application to olive tree cultivationGreece RESEARCH 2013-10-02
Bitumen removal from electrical equipmentUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2015-05-06
Effective Wastewater Recycling Technology Resulting in Products for Further UseIsrael OFFER 2014-03-26
Soil engineering in desertic areas in order to greening the desertFrance OFFER 2014-04-22
Energy saving oxygenation unit used in biological treatment of industrial waste waterSweden OFFER 2014-11-17
Innovative food container for transporting ethnic foods such sushi and/or sashimiItaly OFFER 2015-03-06
Complex equipment for rapid biodegradation and biopolymer (vegetable products) packaging testingRomania REQUEST 2014-06-25
Pre-industrial valorization of pilot systems elaborated for waste water treatment .Belgium OFFER 2013-10-09
Mineral biofilter in mobile insulated closed housing for the optimized treatment of industrial odors and VOCsFrance OFFER 2013-09-11
Technology for producing ethanol from starchy grains without distillery stillageRussia OFFER 2013-09-11
Oil recovery system for efficient collection and recovery of spilled oilUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-09-27
Bioreactor for organic waste compostingPoland OFFER 2013-11-07
Removal of heavy metals from the technological waste waters by sulphate reducing bacteriaSlovak Republic OFFER 2015-05-04
Innovative Waste Treatment with Hydro-mechanical and biological systemItaly OFFER 2013-10-28
UK company seeks Green technologies for domestic buildings and applicationsUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-08-07
Bioelectrochemical treatment of contaminated water with oxidised nitrogen compoundsSpain OFFER 2013-09-05
Reducing environmental pollution originating from municipal solid waste refuse dumpsHungary OFFER 2014-01-09
New electroplating process for wastewater treatmentHungary OFFER 2014-02-20
New metal reclamation technology in electroplatingHungary OFFER 2014-02-20
BeBiCliEnvEhC integrated bioenergetic - biotechnological - climate - environment and health protection enhanced complexHungary OFFER 2013-09-05
High-performance solid-/liquid-separation of digestateLuxembourg OFFER 2013-08-07
Farm and domestic waste anaerobic digestionUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-01-13
A new class of biostimulants for bioremediation of land, water and concreteUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-02
Designer of novel non-concrete soil binding system needed to join project developing novel fibre-reinforced post and mesh fencing systemUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-09-05
Technology for the treatment of concentrated and complex wastewater flowsNetherlands OFFER 2013-12-18
Real-time Airborne Radioactivity Monitor using Direct gamma-ray spectrometry with two scintillation detectorsSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
Real-time Airborne Radioactivity Monitor using gamma-ray spectrometry on a particulate FilterSpain OFFER 2014-07-11
New separation technology for composite materialGermany OFFER 2014-07-09
Modification of natural fibres for performance cementitious composites and building blocksUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-07-23
Modification of mechanical and heat properties of softened PVCCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-07-15
Bioprocesses for Industrial Air Pollution controlBelgium OFFER 2013-09-05
Wood-plastic composite material for recycling wood wasteHungary OFFER 2013-07-11
Novel treatment for efficient heavy metal removal from wastewaters.Spain OFFER 2013-07-03
Microwave Thermal Treatment method of utilization of wastes containing asbestos.Poland OFFER 2013-07-08
Technology for simultaneous grinding and drying of disperse materialsRussia OFFER 2013-07-10
Novel, efficient and simple cogeneration plant utilizing biomass or waste materialsItaly OFFER 2014-11-26
System for localised processing of animal and organic waste remove water and produce power and bio fertiliser.Ireland OFFER 2013-07-01
Environmentally friendly remediation system for petroleum contaminated waterSweden OFFER 2014-04-23
Manure separation plant with high capacityDenmark REQUEST 2013-08-08
Dynamic simulation software for landfill design and managementSpain OFFER 2014-12-22
New technologies sought to valorise sugar beet waste streams (pulp and leaves)Netherlands REQUEST 2013-05-23
Industrial volatile organic compound abatement/odour control concentrate and aids to compliance to emission and air pollution legislationUnited Kingdom OFFER 2015-02-02
Seeking methods for adding value to waste grass sourced from lawnsTurkey REQUEST 2013-05-21
Heat recovery system for a paint furnaceSpain REQUEST 2013-05-21
Pyrolysis technology for separated components of Municipal Solid WasteCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-05-14
Technology for simultaneous defibration, drying and removal of inclusions from fiber materialsRussia OFFER 2013-05-08
Organic waste recovery device combining composting and methanizationFrance OFFER 2013-04-19
Optimizing the logistic of waste collection by applying a transceiver system indicating the fullness levelHungary OFFER 2013-04-09
Eco friendly building materials with mineral wasteRomania REQUEST 2013-04-05
Accelerated Carbonation Technology - Aggregate, Steel and Cement Waste Industry Expertise SoughtUnited Kingdom OFFER 2014-12-10
External combustion heat engine utilizing waste heatHungary OFFER 2013-04-02
Boxer external combustion heat engine utilizing waste heatHungary OFFER 2013-04-02
Technology for Solar Drying of Industrial Waste SludgeTurkey REQUEST 2013-04-17
Novel, efficient and simple cogeneration plant utilizing biomass or waste materialsItaly OFFER 2013-04-11
Green building materials from industrial wastesItaly OFFER 2013-03-26
New process to inertize waste materialsItaly OFFER 2013-03-26
Method to clean polluted water as well as contaminated sludges and sedimentsSweden OFFER 2013-03-21
PS-SUSFOOD ERA - “Bioactive-guided characterization of apple derivatives and full profit of their industrial by-products”Spain RESEARCH 2013-03-19
Technology for Waste to Energy from Municipal Solid Waste REQUEST 2013-05-23
Novel photobioreactor for mass cultivation of microalgae.Spain OFFER 2013-03-14
Used and unworkable tires treatment systemItaly OFFER 2013-03-12
A new biological method for soil disinfection based on coproducts from the food industry.Netherlands OFFER 2013-03-12
Technology and Know-how for Dry Battery Recycling is soughtTurkey REQUEST 2013-03-11
Looking for solution for elimination/decrease of algae on surface of cooling towers of powerplantCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-03-08
Novel energy efficient recovery technology for precious and industrial metals from catalytic converters, electronic and industrial wasteUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-03-06
Acoustic material from out-of-service vehiclesSpain OFFER 2013-03-06
PS-FP7-COOPERATION-2013 – Development of an optimised advanced oxidation process system for enabling total closed loop reuse of waste water in metal working fluid manufacturingUnited Kingdom RESEARCH 2013-03-20
Device for fat waste utilisation, especially animal fats Poland OFFER 2013-02-28
Innovative management system for garbage collection Spain OFFER 2013-02-28
Fully automated technology for the separation and recovery of plastic foils and other thin lightweight materials from recycling waste streams Germany OFFER 2013-02-27
Syngas to Methanol Plant Israel REQUEST 2013-02-26
Foam and Textile disinfection process Belgium REQUEST 2013-02-25
Innovative process to transform organic municipal solid waste into bio ethanol Spain OFFER 2013-02-19
Combined greywater and heat recovery system United Kingdom OFFER 2013-02-13
Efficient and stable anaerobic cleaning of contaminated wastewater Austria OFFER 2013-02-11
Technologies for Recovering Mixed Production Waste USA REQUEST 2013-02-07
Trapping, recycling or turning harmless of certain volatile organic compounds United Kingdom REQUEST 2013-01-31
Novel low cost high performance radiation detector for medical treatment, nuclear power generation and anti-terrorist applications United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-29
Conversion of renewables with innovative biotechnological process Germany OFFER 2013-01-28
Micro and nanoparticles for heavy metal remediation in aqueous environments Romania REQUEST 2013-01-25
Shower system with reduced fresh water and heating consumption Luxembourg OFFER 2013-01-25
Urine as a CO2 absorbent and fertiliser Spain OFFER 2013-01-22
Prevention of the maritime ecological accidents Romania REQUEST 2013-01-21
Seeking partnerships for a large municipal waste processing plant Greece REQUEST 2013-01-11
Membrane materials for CO2 sequestration Romania REQUEST 2013-01-11
Monitoring the eutrophication process of a reservoir and its restoration Romania REQUEST 2013-01-11
Landfill waste treatment in bioreactorsNetherlands OFFER 2013-03-14
PS FP7–KBBE.2013.3.2–02:How to turn brackish waters into products to yearn for economical and environmental valorization of municipal, industrial, and farm effluents through integrated algal biorefineries. Italy RESEARCH 2013-01-10
Remediation of costal marine water polluted with petroleum compounds Romania REQUEST 2013-01-10
Pilot technology for obtaining a new ecological fertilizer as biocomposite by reusing three organic wastes – residual marine biomass, sewage sludge and farmyard manure Romania REQUEST 2013-01-10
Energy and water reduction technologies and processes for use in autoclave products United Kingdom REQUEST 2013-01-11
Algal Photobioreactor United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-09
PS-FP7-ENV-2013-WATER-INNO-DEMO call Spain RESEARCH 2013-01-03
Innovative technology for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater Greece OFFER 2012-12-17
Technology request for the recovery of phosphorus from the thick fraction of manureNetherlands REQUEST 2013-03-14
Electrolytic Ballast Water Treatment Greece OFFER 2012-12-14
Stand alone swill treatment technology Netherlands OFFER 2013-01-22
Procedure for kraft cooking of lignocellulosic material. Spain OFFER 2012-12-13
Purification audit of effluents from winemaking and other processes France OFFER 2012-12-13
Technology combining wastewater treatment with the creation of urban green areas on its surface. Spain OFFER 2012-12-10
Polymer concrete building blocks for fast construction Latvia OFFER 2012-12-07
Innovative technologies for industrial waste reuse or recycling Italy REQUEST 2012-12-05
Membrane distillation technology to obtain pure water from seawater Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-03
Installation for burning spent machine oilsUkraine OFFER 2013-05-17
Development of New Binders for Composite Material made from a specific food waste stream. United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-28
System for energy transfer between modules capable of storing electrical energy Spain OFFER 2012-11-26
Composite slabs from polymer waste for paneling Latvia OFFER 2012-11-26
Advanced Multi-Feed Gasification Reactor United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-05
Catalytic degasification technology Germany OFFER 2012-11-21
Heat Scavenging Technology United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-12-05
Fluid control and separation of waste and rainwater Sweden OFFER 2012-11-20
Anoxic-Anaerobic Reactor for biological nutrient removalSpain OFFER 2013-05-15
Used coffee grounds as raw materials for biocomposites and other applications United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-19
Vermicompost for industrial scale organic farming Latvia REQUEST 2012-11-15
PS-FP7-Economic and safe recycling process for medium density fiberboard: technologies for efficient energy transformation Spain RESEARCH 2012-12-19
PS-FP7-Economic and safe recycling process for medium density fibreboard: technologies for water treatment by advanced oxidation Spain RESEARCH 2012-12-19
Method for collection and refining of locally sourced used cooking oil to produce biodiesel United Kingdom OFFER 2012-11-12
PS-CIP-Eco-Innovation: Bioremediation of used Toxic Railway Sleepers, Telegraph Poles and Waste Wood United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-11-12
Manufacturing of composite materials based on used coffee grounds United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-11-12
Mixed Plastic Waste Management Technology for Plastic Extrusion Estonia OFFER 2012-11-09
PS: FP7-SME-2013 Appleprofit: Up-cycling apple transformation process wastes into healthy ingredients Spain RESEARCH 2012-10-25
Energy recovery from wood wastes France REQUEST 2012-10-22
An innovative technology/process is sought for recycling polluted expanded polystyreneFrance REQUEST 2013-04-22
PS-FP7-SME-2013: Research for the benefit of SMEs - The development of a waste-to-value system that will provide a sustainable route to manage oversize compost for small open windrow composting facilities United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-10-16
Thermostable enzyme to obtain bioethanolSpain OFFER 2012-10-12
Flue gas treatment by Electron Processing System: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur Oxides (SOx) and organic species removal in one step France OFFER 2012-10-12
Technology to remove absorbed mercury from industrial installations in the oil and gas industry Netherlands OFFER 2012-10-10
An eco-friendly Rain Harvesting System for sustainable environment Korea REQUEST 2012-10-08
PS-FP7-SME-AG-OPTIMALG - Development of a Complex Extraction-mixing Method of Wet Algae Biomass for Generating High Value Products and Sustainable Fuel Hungary RESEARCH 2012-10-05
Solid Urban Waste (SUW) tinplate scrap metal detinning by ”hot oxidation Spain OFFER 2013-02-08
Process for nitrogen removal from sewage based on ultrasound technology Italy OFFER 2012-10-01
Thermal Decontamination of Metals polluted by Radio Nuclides United Kingdom OFFER 2012-10-01
PS:FP7-ENV-2013-two-stage: ENV.2013.6.3-1 - Combined use of rubberized asphalt and reclaimed asphalt pavement Greece RESEARCH 2012-10-01
Unique technology to transform liquid organic waste into easily recyclable productsSweden OFFER 2013-05-13
PS FP7 - Innovative electronic waste processing and scarce metal recovery Germany RESEARCH 2012-09-25
PS-FP7-SME-2013 Development of a fully bio-degradable packaging film with bio-polymer substrate, biodegradable ink and bio-degradable varnish United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-11-01
PS-FP7-SME-2013 – Development of novel bioreactor to produce biopolymers from food processing and brewery waste water United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-11-21
A new biological water treatment micro-plant with fixed culture France OFFER 2012-09-21
Water treatment by Electron Processing System: Disinfection & Pollutants removal France OFFER 2012-09-19
Innovative WC without siphon Greece OFFER 2012-09-13
Biopolymers technology produced by fermentation of nondegradable bio-wastes Korea OFFER 2012-09-06
PS: FP7 - Search for RTD Partners expert in Electronic Control Board Design for Pulse or Nano-Impulse Generation United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-09-05
Manufacturing method of eco-friendly natural adhesive using garlic Korea OFFER 2012-09-05
Energy Efficient Electrowinning and Electrorefining using Magnetically-Modified Electrodes Ireland OFFER 2012-09-03
Waste Bin with additional compaction and hygiene benefits United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-27
PS: Eco-Innovation. UK based SME seeks partners across Europe for commercialising the recycling of carpet fibres United Kingdom RESEARCH 2012-08-22
PS - FP7-KBBE-2013-7-Production of high added value products from lignocellulosic by-products Spain RESEARCH 2012-10-03
Novel and cost-effective in situ lifecycle management service for artificial turf facilities and its componentsSpain OFFER 2013-06-17
Process sought for the prevention and recycling of waste from production of soft and quartz glass Netherlands REQUEST 2012-08-16
Inactivation of microbes in fluids for disinfection, disruption of microbes to harvest protein, real time significant reduction of COD/ DOC levels in waste water Switzerland OFFER 2013-01-21
Products and Techniques That Can Improve Resource Efficiency Are Sought for Build of High Profile Zero Waste House United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-08-16
New modular plant for physical-chemical treatment of pig/cow slurry Spain OFFER 2012-08-16
Recycling technology for rare earths from fluorescent powder from recycled lamps and CRTs (televisions)Netherlands OFFER 2013-04-10
New system for water purification and sanitation of swimming pools without use of chemicals Italy OFFER 2012-08-09
Organic matter removal by catalytic advanced oxidation Spain OFFER 2012-08-06
Clean slag - Method to improve grate furnaces and accelerate carbon burnout at reduced nitrogen oxide formation Germany OFFER 2012-08-02
Technology sought for extraction of phosphates from manure and waste water. Netherlands REQUEST 2012-08-01
CRT Lead Glass Separation Technology United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-07-31
Cost effective, compact, non odour producing waste water treatment plants (requiring no special discharge or sewer infrastructure) United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-26
Dutch SME specialised in shredded tyres technology is looking for processing technology for application and potential investment Netherlands REQUEST 2012-07-19
Engineering Support for Wastewater Sludge Treatment ProcessUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-06-07
Alternative Landfill Daily Cover Material Latvia REQUEST 2012-07-10
Nutrient Recovery from Anaerobic Digestate/Filtrate and Animal Slurry United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-02
Innovative process that eliminates recalcitrant organic compounds by catalytic wet air oxidation Spain OFFER 2012-06-26
Innovative process that eliminates nitrates and nitrites from water Spain OFFER 2012-06-25
Technology for industrial recovery of fat from waste slurrys Sweden REQUEST 2012-06-22
Procedure for kraft cooking of lignocellulosic material. Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Enzymatic technology for industrial sewage treatment Spain OFFER 2012-06-20
Bioconversion of biodiesel-derived crude glycerol into hydrogen and ethanolItaly OFFER 2013-05-22
Products and manufacturing methods of plastic components which are made out of new materials Korea REQUEST 2012-06-19
Method for utulisation of sewage sludge integrated with energy recoveryPoland OFFER 2012-06-13
PS - FP7 O2ELIM - Development of an efficient oxygen elimination technology combined with existing upgrading processes for reducing oxygen content in gases for pipeline grade quality Hungary RESEARCH 2012-06-07
Enviromental waste management solutions Sweden OFFER 2012-10-31
Rapid detection test of Legionella in water. Just one hour.Spain OFFER 2013-04-19
Innovations in mobile phone recycling bins suitable for indoor / outdoor applications United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-12-17
Emission Free Environmental Closed Loop Incineration Process United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
New Reuse and Recovery options for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-05-11
A rapid, portable system of crushing fluorescent tubes on siteUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-23
Lightweight and isolated prefabricated panels for residential and commercial buildings Netherlands OFFER 2012-05-10
Thermohydrolization of the leather industry waste (using Votator II heat exchanging unit) Lithuania REQUEST 2012-04-30
New technology for utilizing rubber crumbs Poland REQUEST 2012-04-30
Technology enabling a respectful usage of dustbins in condominiums, parks and public gardens. Italy OFFER 2012-04-26
Innovative porous outdoor suspended sport floor manufactured from recycled rubber United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-15
Strong, flexible and impact resistant construction material made from shredded car tyres United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-15
A novel organohumic fertiliser from olive oil wastewater Greece OFFER 2012-04-26
Stirrer for Sewer Pump StationsSweden OFFER 2013-04-02
New gasification technology for almost total disposal of all waste types with superior net-energy production, zero emissions and only about 1 to 3% residue. Germany OFFER 2013-01-22
Innovative Water Technologies for Water Utilities CompaniesUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2013-04-23
Profitable recycling of aluminium-laminate packagingUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-16
A portable compactor that crushes multiple bottles or tins in four secondsUnited Kingdom OFFER 2013-04-16
An effective first response device that prevents spillage from entering sewage United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-20
New system for water treatment and grey water recyclingGermany OFFER 2013-03-18
New PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) recycling technique United Kingdom OFFER 2013-01-07
Looking for Olive Oil Waste Water Treatment Technologies Turkey REQUEST 2012-03-19
Highly reliable and low carbon footprint biofuel from used vegetable oils United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Environmentally Friendly Green City Concept Producing Urea, Fertilizer and Clean Water Products Denmark OFFER 2012-03-09
High-speed, high-efficiency cleaning of flat surfaces United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Mobile and modular anaerobic digestion system with low installation threshold United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Automatic Manure Separation Barn System Denmark OFFER 2012-03-08
Environmentally friendly ultraviolet technology for water, air and surface disinfection Netherlands OFFER 2012-03-07
Effective solution to improve the management of industrial glass waste Spain REQUEST 2012-03-01
Brussels SME offering tailor-made formulations of micro-organisms for bio-treatment and bio-remediation (“Bioaugmentation”)Belgium OFFER 2013-05-17
Novel technologies for extraction and recycling of substances Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-11-13
Fiber reinforced materials recycling systemItaly OFFER 2013-05-28
Innovative technology for production of solid fuel from waste material Poland OFFER 2012-02-29
Carbon-negative energy and carbon black generated from renewable resources United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Biodegradable and compostable composites for packaging from plant material United Kingdom OFFER 2012-12-17
Novel compact bioreactor for household wastewater treatment Greece OFFER 2012-02-23
Efficient process to recycle magnesium with the potential to increase the amount and purity of recovered metal Austria OFFER 2012-02-23
Geologic storage of soluble gases: A sustainable and capture-free solution. Spain OFFER 2012-02-22
Novel process for utilizing residues from biogas plants considerably reducing costs Austria OFFER 2012-02-22
Fuel from scrap tyresFinland OFFER 2013-06-14
Plant concept for small biogas plants which reduces investment, operating and maintenance costs Austria OFFER 2012-02-08
Wasted tyres disposal by distillation and gasificationSpain OFFER 2013-04-03
Looking for partners interested to use/integrate the environmental friendly catalytic combustion technology in their products Sweden OFFER 2013-01-02
Web-based solution for concrete recycling from industrial suppliers to individual usersFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
Active ventilation system to improve air quality of buildings Luxembourg REQUEST 2012-02-05
PS FP7 - Industrial testing of new construction ceramics from waste materials Spain RESEARCH 2012-02-05
Rainwater and greywater supply Germany OFFER 2013-01-07
Production line, in a system connected to bio-gas works, for the production of protein and sugar from vegetable basic commodities. Hungary REQUEST 2013-01-07
Processing of wood-ash and using it as non-skidding material and furthermore using it as bio-fertilizer in ecological culture Hungary OFFER 2013-01-07
CO2 and SO2 sequestration using industrial waste. Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Urine as a CO2 absorbent and fertiliser. Spain OFFER 2012-01-26
Novel microemulsion technology for industrial waste treatment. United Kingdom OFFER 2012-02-13
Biotechnological filter that solves a persistent problem of cyanuric acid (CYA) accumulation in swimming pool water Israel OFFER 2012-07-01
Non-biodegradable Waste Water Treatment Technology Korea REQUEST 2012-01-13
Sewage water utilisation by collection of urine urea content. Hungary OFFER 2012-01-12
Sustainable Aggregate Production with Imbibed Carbon Dioxide - Project Partner Search United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-12
Remediation of contaminated soil. Finland OFFER 2012-10-16
Non-biodegradable wastewater disposal plant. Korea REQUEST 2012-01-12
Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Membranes for Water Treatment. France OFFER 2012-01-11
Technology for obtaining biodegradable hydrogel sorbent is offered. Poland OFFER 2012-01-30
Wastewater treatment from liquid sugar manufacturing. Spain REQUEST 2012-12-20
Green Recyclable Hollow Fibre for House Building, Mattress Production and Home Ware. Israel OFFER 2012-08-22
Technology for obtaining starch graft copolymer is offered. Poland OFFER 2012-01-30
PS: FP7-ENV-2012-second-stage: Industrial partner required for testing new ceramic materials with improved performances as better thermal and acoustic insulation Spain RESEARCH 2012-01-03
Geochemical barrier for preventing migration of long-lived radionuclides in industrial sites of radiation-dangerous objects. Russia OFFER 2011-12-20
Technology is sought for assessment of anthropogenic formations’ toxicity. Russia REQUEST 2011-12-20
Incinerator for liquid hazardous waste Israel REQUEST 2012-11-21
ESA: Organic Waste Processing MethodNetherlands OFFER 2011-12-14
Waste processing technology based on decomposer microorganisms. Russia OFFER 2011-12-14
Innovative porous outdoor suspended sport floor manufactured from recycled rubber United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Strong, flexible and impact resistant construction material made from shredded car tyres United Kingdom OFFER 2012-07-30
Replenishable Biomass Carriers Technology for High Efficiency Water Treatments Israel OFFER 2012-07-01
Low cost Olive and easy to be managed Oil Wastewater treatment Italy REQUEST 2011-12-02
Composting toilet for houses/cottages with water inlet but no sewage outlet. Norway OFFER 2012-11-05
Technologies and applications for rubber crumb outside construction or landscaping United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-12-01
Innovative autarkic dry lavatory system allowing nutrients and mineral recovery “Goldmine” Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Biodegradable products eco-designed using raw materials from plant origin France REQUEST 2012-12-03
Technology for the treatment and disposal of effluents from a small company of cheeses. Chile REQUEST 2013-02-07
Cattle manure separation technology for production of solid organic fertilizer. Latvia REQUEST 2011-11-08
Innovative low impact bioremediation technology to reduce methane emissions and hazardous conditions Italy OFFER 2012-10-17
Stainless steel sorting from non-ferrous mixed wastes France OFFER 2012-03-07
Non-ferrous sorting from mixed waste clinkers France OFFER 2012-03-08
Innovative Water Technologies for Water Utilities Companies United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-07-30
Environmentally friendly packaging solution required for a range of solvent based coating products United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-10-31
Innovative industrial deodorizing system combined with energy recoveryGreece OFFER 2012-01-04
Innovative wastewater purification process based on reed-planted filters France OFFER 2012-12-03
Removal of arsenic from potable water Greece OFFER 2011-10-31
Usage of mineral waste for the production of geometrically stable construction parts based on substitute construction materials Germany OFFER 2012-09-25
Innovative technology for waste utilization into green energy – waste to energy process for municipal waste Poland REQUEST 2011-10-28
Modular waste water treatment plants using the Moving Bed Biofilm Process (MBBR) Cyprus OFFER 2011-10-25
Device for the flameless electro thermal process of hospital waste United Kingdom OFFER 2011-10-24
Hazardous Waste Incineration Plant Turkey REQUEST 2011-10-24
Technology for styrofoam (foamed polystyrene) recycling requested Poland REQUEST 2011-10-24
Technology for construction waste management requested Poland REQUEST 2011-10-21
Developer of waterless toilet looking for expertise in extracting energy and value from waste United Kingdom REQUEST 2012-05-30
Seeking expertise in IT recycling and refurbishment United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-10-21
Emission Free Environmental Closed Loop Incineration Process United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-30
Green Building Elements Romania OFFER 2011-10-19
PS FP7: Consortium seeking one ceramic SME which is focused in construction products (bricks, roof tiles, etc.)Spain RESEARCH 2011-10-19
PS : FP7 - Consortium seeking for SMEs with extensive expertise in the development of waterbased adhesivesSpain RESEARCH 2011-10-19
PS FP7-ENV-2012-two-stage: Industrial testing of new construction ceramics with better thermal and acoustic insulation based on the recycling of waste materials Spain RESEARCH 2011-10-19
Technology for tar-board recycling is sought Poland REQUEST 2011-10-18
PS: Eco-innovation. UK SME seeks partners for a 2012 application relating to olive oil waste treatment using vermiculture and phytoremediation United Kingdom RESEARCH 2011-10-17
Automatic and energy efficient dewatering unit for waste water treatment Sweden OFFER 2013-02-18
Innovative ways of recycling Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) waste United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-10-13
PS FP7 SME- Development of biobased plastics from agroindustrial waste Spain RESEARCH 2011-10-11
Innovative cellular paving system made from 100% recycled plastic United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-31
Innovative zero maintenance alternative to wood made from recycled plastics United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-31
Durable outside seats and benches made from 100% recycled plastics United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-31
Innovative fencing system made from 100% recycled plastics United Kingdom OFFER 2012-08-31
Innovative photonic based sensor for online identification and classification in plastic recycling Austria OFFER 2012-09-19
PS: FP7 - Development of cost-effective adsorbents for the efficient removal of mixtures of toxic compounds from water Greece RESEARCH 2011-10-03
Methods to generate energy by recycling grape pomace Germany REQUEST 2012-06-25
New technology for obtaining dry milk-protein products Russia OFFER 2011-09-23
Technology for producing a feed additive based on potato wastes Russia OFFER 2011-09-23
Industrial oil recycling with water & particles removal France REQUEST 2012-03-08
Microwave Thermal Treatment method of utilization of wastes containing asbestos. Poland OFFER 2011-09-19
Expertise in recycling of sanitary ceramic waste for use in a new asphalt technology for road surfaces Germany REQUEST 2011-09-19
Vermiculture technology to treat olive oil mill pomace and waste water United Kingdom OFFER 2011-09-16
Eco-friendly, cost-effective and high-quality industrial solutions for modifying and improving the properties of materials, liquids and gases France OFFER 2012-03-15
Metallic cation extraction to extract and to recycle metals from industrial wastes and sludgeFrance OFFER 2013-06-11
Innovative Technology for Plastic RecyclingIsrael REQUEST 2013-04-23
Modern technology for thermal utilisation of hazardous waste and energy production Poland OFFER 2011-09-08
Photovoltaic recycling process / technology Italy REQUEST 2012-08-23
Advanced CRT glass recycling system Italy OFFER 2012-10-30
Electron Processing System for flue gas treatment: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulfur Oxides (SOx) and organic pollutants removal in one step France OFFER 2011-09-07
Construction material from phosphogypsum with reduced emission of natural radionuclides Spain OFFER 2013-02-08
Innovative management system for garbage collectionSpain OFFER 2011-09-05
Complex system for tires recycling Poland REQUEST 2012-08-28
Ultimate state-of-the art metals pre-shredders and shredders Belgium REQUEST 2012-06-04
Biological optimisation of aerobic industrial waste water treatment plant France OFFER 2011-08-30
Plants, which provide recycling solutions for hazardous wastesIsrael REQUEST 2013-05-01
Biocoal from biosludge and biomass Slovak Republic OFFER 2011-08-24
New industrial biotechnology product features or new processes for application in the automotive industry Germany REQUEST 2011-08-24
Optimal methods of metals recovery from zinc metallurgy wastes Poland OFFER 2012-08-06
Environmently friendly technology for drying, grinding and dry dressing of mineral raw materials and industrial wastes Russia OFFER 2011-08-22
Oil sorbent based on peat moss Norway REQUEST 2012-09-04
End to end hardware/software solutions for recycling and waste management industry United Kingdom OFFER 2011-08-22
PS - FP7-ENVIRONMENT: Biogas treatment by means of bottom ash from waste incineration Germany RESEARCH 2011-09-07
PS: Eco-Innovation call 2011- Market replication concept for the enhancement of low grade wool to organic feriliser and soil amendment Germany RESEARCH 2011-08-11
Technology line for dismantling vehicles.Poland REQUEST 2011-08-09
Innovative technologies for industrial waste reuse or recycling (replacing BBS Ref: 08 IT SUTC 0JPQ ) Italy REQUEST 2011-08-08
Recycling of waste solution from aluminium extrusion companies Greece OFFER 2012-12-05
Wastewater treatment Technology - Vacuum Mixed Liquor Degassing Poland OFFER 2011-08-02
Environmentally friendly and low-cost technology for drying wood, food, sand etc Poland OFFER 2011-08-02
Removal of lead from waste Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) GlassUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2011-07-29
Pyrolysis Plant Equipment United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-11-09
Frac Sand expertiseUnited Kingdom REQUEST 2011-07-29
Advanced glass recycling implosion technologyUnited Kingdom OFFER 2011-07-29
Seeking a production technology of pressing machine for leaves, grass, tins, PET bottles. Poland REQUEST 2011-07-26
Eco-friendly reverse vending machine using networks Korea OFFER 2011-12-27
Separation of mineral and synthetic material from wrapped chocolate waste productsPoland REQUEST 2011-07-25
Innovative systems and equipment for water aeration. Poland REQUEST 2012-07-11
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) for waste marking France REQUEST 2012-01-09
Gypsum plaster recycling solution sought France REQUEST 2012-11-12
Thermal pump installation with enhanced functional capacity for heat-and-moisture processing of foodstuff Russia OFFER 2011-07-11
Innovative technology for lyophilization of biological products and blood plasmaRussia OFFER 2011-07-11
Thermo-mechanical digestion of biogenous refuse for horticulture and agricultureGermany OFFER 2013-06-13
Innovative characterization of the agronomical quality of the residual organic matter to highlight & increase the value of organic fertilizer productsFrance OFFER 2013-04-22
New recycling device for the treatment of sanitary waste water. Slovenia OFFER 2013-02-18
Biocompatible materials from sun flower oil processing residues as bone tissue precursor and catalyst in fine chemicals processes. Spain OFFER 2011-07-05
Installation for canalization using pumps without moving parts, for drainages having diminution chutes or in extensions, for the rehabilitation of existing one, or also for overloaded sewages. Romania OFFER 2012-12-17
Mobile gasification of PAH-polluted wood (PAH = Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon)France OFFER 2013-06-18
PS: LIFE+ : Test of new technologies for waste treatment systems Spain RESEARCH 2011-07-01
Innovative technology for recycling of polymers, plastics, rubber. Germany OFFER 2012-08-31
Saving costs and time by special recycling method of drilling emulsions and lubricantsGermany OFFER 2013-04-10
Technologies for composites products for aeronautical and other transportation applications (Replacing Ref: 10 IT 53U9 3HBD Italy OFFER 2011-10-17
Innovative device to avoid small and large leaks in toilet flushing France OFFER 2012-06-25
Recycling of chipped pottery Poland REQUEST 2011-06-29
Pyrolysis technology for handling of old tyres Netherlands REQUEST 2011-06-20
Biodegradable shrink wrap United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-06-18
A technology to produce electrical energy from hazelnut shells is sought Spain REQUEST 2011-09-13
Resource-saving technology for microbiological utilization of organic wastes Russia OFFER 2011-06-18
Development of biobased plastics from agricultural wastes Spain REQUEST 2011-06-10
Innovative natural additive for lubricating-cooling emulsions Italy OFFER 2011-06-08
Fast-composting technology for rapid treatment of range of waste types Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-11-13
Biogas Generation Technology from Animal Feces Turkey REQUEST 2011-06-08
Nitrogen removal biotechnology for high-strength effluents from biogas plants and food processing plants Czech Republic OFFER 2013-01-09
Post-consumer waste similar to limestone United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-06-06
Biofixation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by Microalgae Iceland OFFER 2012-04-30
Highly-polluted aggressive Industrial process waste water treatment. Sweden OFFER 2012-10-18
Mechanical device to reuse glass from discarded washing machine Italy REQUEST 2011-05-30
Novel Procedure of anaerobic digestion of municipal solid wastes in two temperature phases Spain OFFER 2011-05-30
PS-Eurostars – Development and scaling up of new formulations based on almond shell filled thermoplastics Spain RESEARCH 2011-08-26
Water and Air treatment system France OFFER 2011-11-18
Anaerobic high rate process for treatment of industrial organic waste water Netherlands OFFER 2012-11-13
High precision sampling and analysis method for mixed bulk waste Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Fire Extinguishing Waste Container Technology Turkey OFFER 2012-04-09
Window device with controlled transparency based on a biofilm Structure created by bacterial activity Spain OFFER 2012-04-25
Mobile and modular anaerobic digestion system with low installation threshold United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-17
Innovative technology for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater Greece OFFER 2011-11-10
Waste water drainage system for marine, civil and industrial sector Italy OFFER 2012-01-18
Sustainable Materials Biomass Sourcing Belgium REQUEST 2011-05-16
Technology for production of building materials utilizing polymer waste Latvia OFFER 2011-05-13
Recycling of spent tires Italy OFFER 2011-12-19
Cured Polyester Resin Based Waste Recycling Technology Turkey REQUEST 2011-05-10
A Brussels-based association seeks solutions to distmantle and recover waste from cathode-ray tubes screens and LCD flat screens Belgium REQUEST 2011-05-10
A Brussels-based association seeks solutions to better extract and recover plastic scraps from electronical and electronic wasteBelgium REQUEST 2011-05-10
Knowledge Platform about Buildings and bio construction. Spain REQUEST 2011-05-05
Waste Sludge Stabilization And Conditioning Turkey OFFER 2012-07-19
Carbon fiber composites recovery and recycling. Spain REQUEST 2011-05-03
Technology for separation of glass sheets from the rest of photovoltaic panels` components Spain REQUEST 2011-04-29
Technology and equipment for pellets production from vine ropes Romania REQUEST 2011-04-28
Technology for improvement of fermentation processes and elimination of odors in sewage treatment, composts and landfills. Poland OFFER 2012-04-12
New products from recycled rubber- New technology for production Sweden OFFER 2012-06-08
Dewatering of digestate sludge for pelletizing purposes and fluid treatment for reuse or direct dischargeLuxembourg OFFER 2013-04-02
Low speed shredders for size reduction and recycling of waste Israel OFFER 2011-04-27
Surplus sludge reducer for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants Spain OFFER 2011-04-27
New Composter for Animal by-products originated from aquaculture Spain OFFER 2011-04-27
Diesel oil abstracted from package wastes Korea OFFER 2011-12-26
Innovative separation technique for the retrieval of fine metals from ore, slag, ashes and waste Germany OFFER 2012-05-23
Technology for manufacturing of biodegradable fire resistant corrugated board packages. Bulgaria OFFER 2011-04-07
Technology of accelerating composting process. Poland OFFER 2012-07-11
Infrared Technology for Organic Waste Management Greece OFFER 2011-04-15
Waste collectors and/or compactors producers Italy REQUEST 2012-12-27
Waste recycling facilities United Kingdom OFFER 2012-02-22
Electron Processing System for water treatment: disinfection and pollutants removal France OFFER 2011-03-14
Joint development, engineering and construction of alkaline battery recycling process and plant Finland REQUEST 2012-10-16
Enzyme formulations for the optimized fermentation process of biogas plants Switzerland OFFER 2011-03-14
Salt recycled from power plants cooling systems Poland OFFER 2011-03-14
New water purification system using ultraviolet light. Spain OFFER 2012-11-12
Innovative device to reduce waste and reuse packaging France OFFER 2012-12-03
Recycling of wastes for improved ceramics Spain OFFER 2011-03-07
Waste to energy: Opportunities for technical scale experiments at a new landfill research centre Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Applied research and development using renewable raw materials for bio-based plastics and for energy technologies Germany OFFER 2012-12-17
Innovative technologies for waste recycling Poland REQUEST 2012-01-31
Technology for converting biomass into heat, electric power, syngas and fertilizerRussia OFFER 2011-02-24
Truck tyre retread system Germany OFFER 2012-11-12
Lithium, Lithium-ion, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries Recycling Technology Turkey REQUEST 2011-02-22
ESA: Method and system for extracting and disposing of water vapor Netherlands OFFER 2011-02-22
New methods to separate oil and other elements from bilge water. Spain REQUEST 2011-02-18
New separation and recycling methods for demolition and construction waste Spain REQUEST 2011-02-18
Municipal Waste Gasification Technology Turkey REQUEST 2011-12-15
Accurate Wildlife Detection to Determine Absolute Abundance USA REQUEST 2011-02-15
Alternative daily covers for increasing landfill airspace and extending the life of the landfillFrance OFFER 2013-03-06
Treatment and characterisation of solid recovered fuels (waste to energy) Germany OFFER 2011-02-15
Installation to obtain heat from used tyres and rubber waste Poland OFFER 2011-03-04
Software for management of waste collection Italy OFFER 2011-02-11
Scrap Automobile Tyre Pyrolysis Technology Turkey REQUEST 2011-12-15
Elimination of bad smell formation from household organic wasteItaly OFFER 2013-05-28
Household production of an organic fertilizer Italy OFFER 2012-06-18
Products based on natural zeolites for waste and contaminated water treatment Bulgaria OFFER 2011-01-25
Technology to vaporize and destroy fumes. Poland OFFER 2012-01-17
Environmentally safe technology for natural and synthetic alpha-olefins halogenation Russia OFFER 2012-12-03
Technology of heavily compounded composite materials on the basis of amber filler Russia OFFER 2011-12-15
Liquids container equipped with means for saving space Italy OFFER 2011-01-20
Bioremediation of Oil and Oil Derivatives Contaminated SoilSerbia OFFER 2013-04-22
Production technology of the polyethylene terephthalate leaf. Poland OFFER 2011-01-14
Novel continuous process for room-temperature production of biodiesel Hungary OFFER 2012-12-13
PS-FP7: Biodegradable flexible film with incorporated active and intelligent agents Greece RESEARCH 2011-01-14
System for storm water cleaning directly in catch basins. Poland OFFER 2011-12-12
The innovative system of treatment and storage of water Poland OFFER 2012-08-16
Membrane distillation technology to obtain pure water from seawater Netherlands OFFER 2011-01-10
Innovative technologies for waste treatment (water, sludge) Austria REQUEST 2011-10-20
Modular rainwater system for use in residential and small commercial properties United Kingdom OFFER 2011-01-06
Biodiesel production technologies sought for installation in developing countries United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-01-06
Method of dust steelmaking disposal Poland OFFER 2011-01-04
Innovative aeration technology that reduces energy costs of wastewater treatment plants by 50%. Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
Solar technology based system for treatment of wastewater sludge generates energy and marketable raw materials Israel OFFER 2011-01-03
Filling of underground voids with fine-grained industrial wastePoland OFFER 2013-04-16
Extracting high-value marketable products from the discharge of desalination plants Israel OFFER 2010-12-22
Fertilizer production from wood waste by extrusion process France OFFER 2010-12-22
Green polymer France OFFER 2010-12-22
Novel tool design for cleaning decorator`s paint from brushes. United Kingdom OFFER 2010-12-21
Technology of plastic waste processing into components of liquid fuels Poland OFFER 2010-12-17
Waste-to-energy technologies to transform household and industry waste into liquid energy (biofuel) Switzerland OFFER 2010-12-17
Technological Production Line to briquette Poland REQUEST 2010-12-15
Heat energy production in exothermic process of biomass utilization including sewage sediments Poland OFFER 2010-12-15
Bioremediation and valorization of agroindustrial waste waters and waste materials Italy OFFER 2010-12-15
Watering without waste - accurate irrigation precisely within defined contoured areas Israel OFFER 2010-12-15
Specialized anti-lime scale dual action device applicable in both industrial and household conditions Bulgaria OFFER 2011-12-01
Novel Method for Preparation of Detergents from Oil Israel OFFER 2010-12-13
Fertiliser NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) from urine and olive oil mill wastewaters Spain OFFER 2011-05-04
High quality, new metal recycling technology Austria OFFER 2011-11-17
Ecological area converting residuals into energy Italy OFFER 2010-12-03
Technologies for composites products for aeronautical and other transportation applications Italy OFFER 2010-12-03
Plasma torch gasification technology for organic waste. Italy REQUEST 2010-12-02
Extremely secure data centre Sweden OFFER 2010-11-30
Eco-friendly Parts Washer for reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions Korea OFFER 2011-01-03
New Technologies for selection and/or reuse of CAR-FLUFF Italy REQUEST 2010-11-22
Dissolution/reprecipitation method for polyolefins recyclingGreece OFFER 2010-11-18
Remelting/restabilization method for plastics recycling Greece OFFER 2010-11-18
Composting toilet for houses/cottages with water inlet but no sewage outlet. Norway OFFER 2010-11-17
Process technology to come to a purity of 99,999% of Yttrium from 99,9% pure Yttrium Netherlands REQUEST 2010-11-17
Patent of mobile liming machine for the treatment of ground waste on worksites. France OFFER 2012-01-09
Ceramics produced out of incinerator bottom ash Portugal OFFER 2013-03-04
PS: Monitoring the life cycle of industrial waste: traceability and measure of environmental impact. Italy RESEARCH 2010-11-10
Necessary technological devices for a plasma torch with a metal steam arc Hungary REQUEST 2011-10-19
Process for obtaining metallic sponges from leftover mill scale in laminating processes Spain OFFER 2012-11-21
Local treatment facilities for sewage purification Russia OFFER 2010-11-04
Metal Containers for garbage volume 2 to 5 cube meters Serbia REQUEST 2012-09-03
Partners are sought for implementing alkaline battery recycling technology Finland OFFER 2011-03-04
Screening equipment to separate earth-worms from bio humus – worm harverster Latvia REQUEST 2010-11-03
Technology for processing distillery dregs and brewers grain into bio-fertilisers or dry feedstuff Russia OFFER 2010-11-03
Small scale biogas upgrading plant Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Movable system for drainage of liquids and fluids from vehicles Serbia OFFER 2012-11-05
Technology for processing the biogas production wastes into bio-fertilisers Russia OFFER 2010-10-28
PS FP7 - Recovery of Phosphorous from Sewage Austria RESEARCH 2010-11-05
Emptying equipment of marine septic holding tanks Sweden OFFER 2010-10-26
Ultrasonic activator applicable in water disinfection and water treatment Bulgaria OFFER 2012-10-28
Gas filtration technology with integrated variation of key medium parameters (temperature, humidity, gas composition) Russia OFFER 2011-12-09
Process and system for realizing composite materials Italy OFFER 2010-10-18
Waste water treatment using new electroplating procedure Lithuania OFFER 2010-10-08
Sewage sludge drying based on a spiral conveyor Germany OFFER 2011-09-30
New bioelectric power station Poland OFFER 2010-10-07
Innovative automated technology for sludge dewatering in small and medium communal and industrial sewage-treatment plants Poland OFFER 2011-10-07
Low cost Olive Oil Wastewater treatment Italy REQUEST 2010-10-05
PS-FP7: Utilisation of Brewers Spent Grain as a fish meal replacement in fish feeds Greece RESEARCH 2010-10-04
Module technology for purification of landfills lecheates Poland OFFER 2010-10-01
Know-how, expertise, research and services to optimize waste management and recycling processes Germany OFFER 2012-08-07
Manufacture of flexible signboard supporting columns, using fiber-reinforced composite method Hungary OFFER 2012-05-24
Pig Manure Treatment throughout Anaerobic Digestion for Biogas production Spain OFFER 2010-09-29
Waste testing equipment Poland REQUEST 2010-09-29
PS FP7 - Biomass valorization with the development of cost-effective hybrid adsorbents for the efficient removal of mixtures of toxic compounds from water (HYBRID-SORBENT) Greece RESEARCH 2010-09-23
New Technology of Depolymerization for Recycling of PET Bottles Czech Republic OFFER 2013-01-22
Energy saving sand/gravel & metal washing and separation technology for the construction & recycling industry Germany OFFER 2012-08-08
Recycling line for used oil filters Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-08-13
New catalytic adsorption procedure removing phenols from waste waters Spain OFFER 2010-09-10
PS-FP7-Reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste for pavement construction Spain RESEARCH 2011-02-18
Novel waste management process United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-09
PS-FP7 ALGADISK - Novel algae-based solution for CO2 capture and biomass production Hungary RESEARCH 2010-09-09
Technology of rotomoulding for production of PE tanks and wastewater treatment systems Poland OFFER 2010-09-08
Culture medium from dry olive mill residue Spain OFFER 2011-05-04
PS EUROSTARS: Analysis of market potential and preparation of market launch of solid biomass pellets produced from biogas plant residues Austria RESEARCH 2010-08-30
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalities Israel OFFER 2012-12-31
Technology for recycling dry and button batteries is sought Poland REQUEST 2010-08-23
Floating Bubble Aerator for water treatment Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Design, build and management of anaerobic digestion plant United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-19
Highly reliable and low carbon footprint biofuel from used vegetable oils United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-30
Thermal dissipation compound for applications in electronics France OFFER 2010-08-18
Biodegradable and/or sustainable razor handle Belgium REQUEST 2010-08-17
Innovative Chemical Imaging Systems for the improved detection of chemical constituentsAustria OFFER 2013-04-29
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor - Low cost wastewater treatment Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Membrane Filtration - Sustainable cost reducing solution for the industry Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Biological purification unit for domestic waste water treatment, operating without electricity Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-19
Microorganisms composition for wastewater Poland OFFER 2012-07-04
Sedimentation installation for process water purification Netherlands OFFER 2012-12-19
Product to protect rubbish bin bags from birds attacks United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-05
A flexible system for cleaning water polluted by oil and fat. Norway OFFER 2010-08-05
PS - FP7 BIOREMED - Enhanced, Fast In-situ Bioremediation Hungary RESEARCH 2010-11-10
Oil Spill Recovery VesselFinland OFFER 2013-06-14
Solutions for energy production from dried sludge and port waste Lithuania REQUEST 2010-08-04
PS EUROSTARS: Increasing the added-value of biogas residues Austria RESEARCH 2010-08-04
Innovative technologies for commercial car wash installations Belgium REQUEST 2011-08-05
Recovery of solid waste from sewer networks Spain REQUEST 2010-08-02
Novel process for treating radioactive graphite waste United Kingdom OFFER 2010-08-02
Scrap Tire Pyrolysis System Turkey REQUEST 2012-07-27
Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) for nitrate removal from ground water- unique and proven Nitrate removal solution for potable water for municipalities Israel OFFER 2012-08-22
Mobile phone & electronic waste lifecycle management methodology United Kingdom OFFER 2010-07-26
High-speed, high-efficiency cleaning of flat surfaces United Kingdom OFFER 2012-05-30
Profitable recycling of aluminium-laminate packagingUnited Kingdom OFFER 2010-07-23
Process for the elimination of iron and steelmaking wastes with zinc allowing metals recovering Spain OFFER 2010-12-17
A portable compactor that crushes multiple bottles or tins in four seconds United Kingdom OFFER 2011-06-30
Know-how on applications of natural zeolite in industry Turkey OFFER 2012-12-17
Method for the risk assesment related to the possible collapse of tailings dams Spain OFFER 2010-07-09
Analyzing and testing equipment for membranes in laboratoria and field application Netherlands OFFER 2011-12-08
Dynamics of contaminants in phosphogypsum of the fertilizer industry Spain OFFER 2010-07-02
Seeking Recycling or Biogas Production Technologies for Coated Cardboard Packaging Israel REQUEST 2010-07-01
Bio-remediation end point detector United Kingdom OFFER 2011-06-08
Technology to neutralize and destroy odours. Poland OFFER 2010-06-28
Olive-husk as amendment of soils polluted with naphthalene. Spain OFFER 2011-05-05
Novel Detection & Characterisation System for Buried Gamma-emitting radioactive sources United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-25
A plant capable of reclaiming land from chemical and bacteriological agents. Italy OFFER 2010-06-25
Technologies and machinery for recycling of different types of waste Latvia REQUEST 2010-06-23
Biodegradable, styrofoam lunchboxes for hot food delivery Poland REQUEST 2010-06-22
Partners Required to Develop Anaerobic Digestion Capability United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-06-11
Pulsed combustion burner technology Netherlands OFFER 2010-06-11
Industrial management and sustainable energetic partnership on piping, water & ICT Italy REQUEST 2012-02-02
Method for collection and refining of locally sourced used cooking oil to produce biodiesel United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
A Novel large dimension radiation detector United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-05-23
Technologies for sewage and waste waters United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-06-11
Ultra compact double-focusing mass spectrometer Germany OFFER 2011-10-17
Wastewater Recycle/Reuse System for Textile Dying Process Turkey REQUEST 2012-07-19
Energy-efficient composting systems available directly from technology supplier with years of international experience Ireland OFFER 2010-05-21
Technology for obtaining multicomponent fertilizers Poland OFFER 2010-05-21
Innovative process of waste solvents recycling Poland OFFER 2010-05-19
Industrial Water Effluent Discharge Technologies USA REQUEST 2010-05-17
Grape Seed Separation Device for Grape Pulp Valorization Turkey REQUEST 2012-07-19
Technology for converting mixed plastic waste to fuel United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-23
A Fleet Management solution to monitor one`s vehicle fleet Italy OFFER 2011-10-18
New methods and technologies of deodorization in industrial production, agricultural and public utilities Poland OFFER 2010-05-11
Technology for separating and reusing of Fe2O3, Al2O3 and TiO2 elements contained in aluminium slurries Spain REQUEST 2010-05-10
Aquaculture waste-water treatment systemItaly OFFER 2010-05-10
Manufacturing of composite materials based on used coffee grounds United Kingdom REQUEST 2010-06-17
Bio-Waste treatment Italy REQUEST 2010-05-07
Used tyre recycling to produce compressed tyre bales with applications in civil engineering projects United Kingdom OFFER 2011-03-21
Used coffee grounds as raw materials for biocomposites and other applications United Kingdom OFFER 2010-06-17
Abrasive sludge mobile filter installation for grinding and polishing of stone or concrete floors Netherlands REQUEST 2010-05-06
Smart Management of Industrial Waste for Co2 Sequestration Spain OFFER 2011-02-18
Recycled glass abrasive de-burring medium for surface finishing of mass produced goods United Kingdom OFFER 2011-12-01
Recovery of polyphenols from olive oil mill wastewater Italy REQUEST 2010-04-30
Turnkey solutions for waste sorting and recycling installationsBelgium OFFER 2013-06-10
Hazardous waste incinerator meeting EU emission limits Czech Republic OFFER 2012-03-19
New concept of waste management Croatia OFFER 2012-03-19
Elimination of liquid mercury inside a polymeric concrete optimum for building industry Spain OFFER 2012-01-09
Heat energy production in exothermic process of biomass utilization including sewage sediments Poland OFFER 2010-04-26
Multicomponent granular fertilizers with mineral share Poland OFFER 2010-04-26
Technical solution for the technological optimisation of the burning-off of paraffin (stearin)Germany REQUEST 2010-04-26
New process for utilizing grape marc and vinasse in a two-phase composting procedureHungary OFFER 2010-04-26
Innovative filtration system, purifying gases, dusts and particles sourced from fossil fuelsTurkey OFFER 2013-03-19
Fuel cell technology for stationary, distributed generation, waste-to-energy, mobile and maritime applications United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Mobile Pump for Wastewater Management Sector United Kingdom OFFER 2010-04-22
Modern technology of regeneration of polluted hydraulic oil. Poland REQUEST 2012-03-13
Method for biodiesel production from fats and oils Czech Republic OFFER 2011-10-04
Exploitation of liquid hazardous waste which contains paraffin and its derivatives, extraction of volatile organic compounds Hungary OFFER 2013-02-18
Innovative waste water treatment plant Slovak Republic OFFER 2011-07-01
Technology for recycling or utilisation of animal bones, fats and offalsLithuania REQUEST 2010-04-15
New procedure for recycling industrial sludge in the vegetable oil industry Hungary OFFER 2013-01-21
Recycling Unit to recover valuable materials from 0.5 million tons of steel dust produced annually Egypt REQUEST 2010-03-26
Pyrolysis of products containing hydrocarbons Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Frying treatment of sludge France OFFER 2011-07-29
Polypropylene Cellulose Composite With Textile Fibres. Turkey OFFER 2012-01-23
Technology of bioremediation of soil contaminated with persistent organic pollutants Russia OFFER 2010-10-25
Recycling of composites (natural, glass or carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics) into new products Germany OFFER 2010-06-25
PS COST: Intensive cultivation of micro- and macro-algae for the production of bioplastics Greece RESEARCH 2010-03-15
Optimised technology for oil spill control and cleaningDenmark OFFER 2013-06-04
Technology to select adequate fitting when transporting agressive chemical components is sought Poland REQUEST 2011-09-14
Eco-friendly material to substitute polycarbonateFrance REQUEST 2010-03-10
Intensification of biochemical transformations inside waste tip Poland OFFER 2010-03-03
Technology for the full mineralization of solid and semi - solid organic waste in pyrolysis process Poland OFFER 2013-01-24
New process on the utilization of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and organic waste Hungary OFFER 2013-01-23
Utilization of residual ash of biomass firing at powerplants for soil-amelioration and mineral enrichment Hungary OFFER 2011-04-04
Energy Efficient Asphalt Plants Turkey REQUEST 2013-02-15
A Biological system for the combined treatment of wastewaters and off-gases from food industries Netherlands OFFER 2010-02-24
Technology for the reduction of copper contamination by 90% in ferrous metal scrap Netherlands OFFER 2010-02-24
Production of substrates and organic fertilizers Spain OFFER 2012-12-26
System for the decontamination of organic residues Spain OFFER 2012-12-26
ACH – polymerized polyaluminum chloride with max. 50 ppm of iron Poland OFFER 2010-02-16
System of sorting alloyed aluminium wastes according to chemical analysis criterion Poland REQUEST 2010-02-11
Neutralisation and Disinfection Systems for Medical Wastes Turkey REQUEST 2013-02-15
Biological reactor for wastewater treatment in anaerobic system Poland OFFER 2010-02-05
Biological reactor for wastewater treatment in anaerobic - aerobic system Poland OFFER 2010-02-05
Industrial company wants to find a suitable product through technology transfer Finland REQUEST 2010-04-13
The technology of production the phosphoric acid from waste liquid Poland OFFER 2010-12-23
Methodology for developing gauges, experiment and expertise for manufacturing special, rock physics laboratory instruments Hungary OFFER 2012-05-24
New shredding line for light mixed scrap, e.g. from electronic waste Germany OFFER 2012-10-16
Materials / glass separation for windows & doors recycling France REQUEST 2010-01-22
Cleaning technology for plastic packaging spoiled with dirty / dangerous matters France REQUEST 2010-01-22
A rapid, portable system of crushing fluorescent tubes on site United Kingdom OFFER 2011-05-16
Fertilisation technology with soil-nutrient bacteria to intensify growth and yield results of plants Hungary OFFER 2011-06-16
Bacteriological Products as a Natural Treatment for Environmental Applications United Kingdom OFFER 2010-01-08
Biogas plant for manure and/or organic biomass conversion with nutrient recovery and water treatment Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-20
Upgrading (cryogenic) of biogas to natural gas or LNG with CO2 utilisation Netherlands OFFER 2010-01-07
Technology for plastics recovery Poland REQUEST 2010-01-07
System for treatment of waste cables Poland REQUEST 2010-01-05
Innovative eco -friendly solution for complete emptying of tin paints and chemical containers Poland OFFER 2010-01-04
Innovative technology and installation for complete recycling of tires and rubber waste Poland OFFER 2011-03-10
Know how sought for utilization and re-use of used tires Israel REQUEST 2009-12-15
Innovative decentral biological sewage treatment system for domestic waste water Germany OFFER 2010-11-22
Waste Tires Recycling Plant Lithuania OFFER 2009-12-09
The technology process of utilization phoshorian and chromian waste. Poland OFFER 2010-11-15
Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive road de-icing agent produced from biofuel production wastePoland OFFER 2009-12-09
New generation of polyester polyols for polyurethane plastics manufacturing Poland OFFER 2009-12-08
Technology of high performance polymeric composites based on polycarbonate waste, mainly compact discs Poland OFFER 2009-12-08
New “Puncture-Proofing” Formulation Ireland OFFER 2009-12-07
Microwave disinfection of medical wastes Russia OFFER 2009-12-01
Handling LCD (liquid-crystal display) screens and plasma screensDenmark REQUEST 2013-05-23
Green technology to produce eco-friendly transportation pallets Iceland OFFER 2011-06-23
Mobile phone collecting informatics tool for recycling France OFFER 2009-11-30
Technology to erase mobile phone memory France REQUEST 2010-11-10
Development of new biocatalysts and enzymes for industrial biotechnology applicationsFinland OFFER 2013-06-14
From winery by-products to added value products Spain REQUEST 2010-08-10
Household garbage compactor Portugal OFFER 2012-01-11
Process for obtaining metal nanoparticles and their use in Raman spectroscopy Spain OFFER 2010-10-27
Bio-hazard waste sterilization/treatment system Turkey OFFER 2013-01-31
Intelligent Microorganisms For Recycling Plastics Turkey OFFER 2012-03-16
Carbon-negative energy and carbon black generated from renewable resources United Kingdom OFFER 2010-11-11
Technology and Knowhow for the Manufacture of High Quality Topsoil from Composted Sewage Sludge United Kingdom OFFER 2009-11-19
Floating buoy for sea waste collection Italy OFFER 2013-02-13
Inertization of heavy metals into ceramic materials Italy OFFER 2012-09-28
Demolition Waste Recycling Unit Cyprus REQUEST 2009-11-17
A process to recycle asbestos to non lethal mass for re-use as cement Netherlands OFFER 2012-05-16
Mixture of plant enzymes that decontaminate sewerage and food processing plantsCzech Republic OFFER 2013-06-10
Partners required in anaerobic digestion United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-11-10
Acquisition and providing of hyperspectral aerial remote sensing images, for decision making in environmental fields France OFFER 2009-11-10
New electrochemical process to treat waste water polluted with oil derivatives Hungary OFFER 2012-10-03
Recycle of automotive catalytic converter scraps for cost-effective recovery of platinum Hungary OFFER 2010-10-15
Efficient Biodegradable mulching film/ mulching cover France REQUEST 2009-11-05
Plastic (Polyethylene) mulching film recycling process France REQUEST 2009-11-05
Water-saving mixing system for domestic taps Portugal OFFER 2012-01-11
Technologies aiming in neutralization and/or utilization of organic waste Poland REQUEST 2009-11-05
Products and Know-how in materials recycling from life rafts and lifesaving equipment Greece REQUEST 2012-12-06
PS FP7 - Quantifying the multi-scale interactions of soil with biochar to assess reliably the long-term carbon sequestration in soils (CHAR-SOIL) Greece RESEARCH 2009-11-04
Biological decomposer for fast and controlled composting with significant reduction of odours, methane and ammonia Czech Republic OFFER 2013-01-09
Biodegradable Flexible Packaging for Consumer Needs Israel OFFER 2012-07-10
Anaerobic dry-fermentation technology for processing of organic wastes with transformation to electrical power and heat Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
Technological mill for grinding of plastic waste and other products containing metal elements Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
Hot wire CRT monitors separation system allowing non invasive work Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
Equipment for fragmentation of large and small electric and electronic waste Poland REQUEST 2010-10-01
Modern ultrafiltration station for separation and concentrate particles Poland OFFER 2011-12-12
PS - FP7: Innovative solutions for water and sludge treatment and management Spain RESEARCH 2009-10-22
Modular System for Domestic Refuse Handling United Kingdom OFFER 2009-12-14
PS - FP7 Separating eggshell and its membrane to turn eggshell waste into valuable source materials Hungary RESEARCH 2009-10-16
FP7 Project seeks SME in Innovative Technologies for Municipal Waste Management United Kingdom REQUEST 2009-11-02
Components to be integrated in a new oil, oil/water-emulsions and oily water treatment technology Germany REQUEST 2012-10-31
Technology for the treatment of oily water / bilge water by a special membrane system Germany OFFER 2012-10-31
Innovative plant for molded wood pallet Italy OFFER 2009-10-14
Disinfection processess for drainage wastewater from waste management plants Poland REQUEST 2010-09-23
Recycling technology for processing Plasma Display Panels from television sets and computer monitors scrap Czech Republic REQUEST 2012-08-29
Biodegradable materials and sustainable nanocomposites with improved properties for food packaging and other applications Spain OFFER 2009-11-05
New technology for full granulation, sterilization and dewatering of wastewater sludge Poland OFFER 2010-09-22
Waste solvents and used cooling liquids recovery (purifying) technologies Poland REQUEST 2010-09-21
Patented process to convert bio-based fats and oils into petrol-quality fuels and fuel gases Germany OFFER 2009-10-08
Mini digester for testing different compositions of substrates in biogas production Germany OFFER 2009-10-08
Technologies for the upgrading of glasswood and rockwood France REQUEST 2009-10-08
Technologies for polyurethane valorization France REQUEST 2009-10-08
Separation and recycling of insulating materials from plasters France REQUEST 2009-10-08
Transportable liquidtight composite floor suitable for vehicles (car wash/ fuel filling station) Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Sustainable and powerless treatment system for domestic waste water from single houses Netherlands OFFER 2011-07-21
Request of environmental technologies in waste management and recycling systems Greece REQUEST 2009-10-07
Novel valorisation and treatment method for olive mill wastewater Turkey OFFER 2012-09-13
A Novel Flue Gas Treatment System Turkey OFFER 2012-07-19
The liquid product for all painting layers removal. Poland OFFER 2010-09-07
New metal recovery method from flushing water with electroplating Hungary OFFER 2010-03-16
Seeking Expert in Global Environmental Regulations USA REQUEST 2009-10-01
Sustainable method for battery recycling Finland OFFER 2009-09-30
Unique know-how, engineering and latest technology for sorting, recycling and treatment of residues Germany OFFER 2010-08-26
Water treatment and novel semi-industrial scaled boron removal plantSpain OFFER 2013-06-10
Biocompatible (Cradle to Cradle certified) industrial cleaning additive for food and beverage processing industry Netherlands OFFER 2011-06-17
Low-Cost Solubilisation of Microorganism in Surplus Activated Sludge USA REQUEST 2009-09-24
Seeking Expertise in Green Industrial Plant Design USA REQUEST 2009-09-24
Treatment of gases by atmospheric plasma processes Germany OFFER 2010-12-21
Platinum Recovery from Road Dust United Kingdom OFFER 2009-09-17
Melting technology for the environmentally sound, cost-saving recovery of the zinc from used tyres. Hungary OFFER 2010-08-17
Development of sterile, disposable single-use bins made of cellulose Germany REQUEST 2009-09-03
Innovative ozone generator for depollution of water and air by Corona effect Romania OFFER 2010-10-05
Breaker technology avoiding oversized rock pieces into the crusher system Denmark OFFER 2009-09-01
Technical solution for on-site collection, selective sorting, grinding, and storage of plastic wastes France REQUEST 2009-08-31
Palm Kernel Shells as renewable fuel for co-combustion with coal United Kingdom OFFER 2011-02-08
Glass Recycling Expertise for Filter Media United Kingdom OFFER 2009-08-24
Single basin wastewater treatment plant working with compressed air Austria OFFER 2011-10-18
A technology of plastic waste processing into components of liquid fuels. Poland OFFER 2009-12-17
Waste Management for Cotton Processing Industry Turkey REQUEST 2013-01-31
An effective first response device that prevents spillage from entering sewage United Kingdom OFFER 2011-07-05
A patented process for adsorption of heavy metals on a granulate Denmark OFFER 2010-09-14
Development of Light-weight constructions, temporary architecture and stands made of bio-sustainable materials Spain OFFER 2010-04-19
Ecological, material- and energy-saving production of building material from siderurgical dross Hungary OFFER 2010-07-22
Soil remediation and dredged sludge cleanup France REQUEST 2009-08-10
Silaging of grass France REQUEST 2009-08-10
Separation of fines from industrial waste France REQUEST 2009-08-10
Plastics sorting for recycling & valorization France REQUEST 2009-08-10
Mobile machine to recycle ground and worksite waste in ecomaterials France OFFER 2009-08-10
Novel biological waste water treatment method and device Estonia OFFER 2010-08-02
Glass safebottles: an innovative way to recycle waste Italy OFFER 2011-08-22
New meat industrial waste treatment procedure Hungary OFFER 2012-07-10
Modular blocks technology for the agricultural sector Netherlands OFFER 2009-08-07
Energy production using animal by-products Portugal REQUEST 2009-09-29
Odours elimination in slaughterhouses and animal by-products installations Portugal REQUEST 2009-09-29
Technology for Production of Activated Carbon and Electric Power from Olive Residues Turkey REQUEST 2010-06-15
System to fill tank of WC with water from previous uses Italy OFFER 2009-07-30
Technology for processing already recycled paper or waste paper to fuel is sought Poland REQUEST 2009-07-29
A new fertilizer containing olive oil mill wastewaters for decreasing nitrates pollution Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
System for controlling loss in wine ageing Spain OFFER 2009-07-23
New Technology for enviromental studies and characterization of mineral raw materials Spain OFFER 2011-02-03
Adjustable Under-sink Recycling Collection Bin Italy OFFER 2009-07-17
Biomass fast pyrolysis process Spain OFFER 2009-07-13
Cleaning system for refrigeration and Air Conditioning circuits. Recycling of refrigerant gases. Spain OFFER 2009-07-13
Additives to Enable Compostability of Traditional Polymeric Materials USA REQUEST 2009-07-10
Biodegradable, Compostable Oxygen Barrier Film USA REQUEST 2009-07-10
Innovative pellet boiler Poland OFFER 2010-06-07
Waste Water treatment in the food industry Denmark OFFER 2011-04-18
Joint biofuel and sawmill production plant Poland OFFER 2009-07-09
New type of light and thermal insulating concrete (beton) Czech Republic OFFER 2010-05-31
Biomass and residue derived fuel gasification plant with combined generation of electricity and heat. Czech Republic OFFER 2012-12-13
Light artificial aggregates from processed sludges Poland OFFER 2010-06-10
Integrated cost-effective concept to sanitise old landfills based on numerous proven technologies Netherlands OFFER 2009-06-30
Generation, development and exploitation of biotechnological knowledge Spain OFFER 2009-06-30
Physical-microbiological treatment of water used in the process of cataphoresis Spain OFFER 2009-08-04
Request of odor control systems Greece REQUEST 2009-06-30
Valorisation of plastics contained in Automobile Shredder Residues (A.S.R) France REQUEST 2010-09-30
Regional Model of collecting, treating and disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) Hungary OFFER 2011-10-18
Removing dissolved organic content from industrial wastewaters with underwater plasma technologyHungary OFFER 2013-04-30
New composting procedure for the treatment of sewage sludgeHungary OFFER 2013-04-30
Method for a biological production of combustible gas from reinforced plastics. Germany OFFER 2009-07-27
Urban waste disposal system with underground container Italy OFFER 2012-04-05
Technology for the mobile phone recycling Italy REQUEST 2011-06-01
Flexible Beverage Packaging Platform Based on Renewable Materials USA REQUEST 2009-06-22
A new technology of poultry`s feathers ultilisation Poland OFFER 2009-06-20
Novel recycling solution for end of life garage doors United Kingdom OFFER 2012-04-23
Mobile separator for plastic bottles with bi-purpose nipper Macedonia OFFER 2012-11-15
Transportable unit for recycling of electrical and electronic scrap Finland OFFER 2011-11-17
Novel Non-Weld 100% Recyclable Furniture Frame System United Kingdom OFFER 2010-05-19
High-performance and easy-maintenance primary shredder for the recycling industry Germany OFFER 2011-05-23
Low-wear granulators for secondary shredding in the recycling industry Germany OFFER 2011-05-23
Organic waste elimination process by pyrolysisFrance OFFER 2013-04-30
Composting diatomic earth Poland OFFER 2011-05-04
Process for organic waste elimination and energy productionFrance REQUEST 2013-04-30
New procedure for composting of solid and liquid phase animal manuresHungary OFFER 2013-04-30
Energy saving equipment for sewage water reservoir - automatic float sludge detection Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Agropellets and Biochar Carbon Sequestration turning residual Biomass into Bioenergy Sweden OFFER 2011-05-17
Reduction and separation of concentrated reject and process water streams from industry and bio gas plants, by the use of evaporation with energy recovery Norway OFFER 2009-06-02
Organic Molecules Inertization Machine Spain OFFER 2009-06-02
Municipal sewer sludge neutralization Russia OFFER 2010-11-12
Hydromulching technology for safe waste storage Poland OFFER 2010-05-05
Membrane technology for separation, concentration and regeneration processes in the agrofood industry. Poland OFFER 2009-05-27
Water decarbonation for Heat and Power Plants Poland REQUEST 2009-05-27
Technology for the use of biogas as fuel for motor vehicles. Poland REQUEST 2009-05-27
Modern technology for cleaning buses. Poland REQUEST 2011-04-04
Technology for the purification of water used in gluing and binding processes. Poland REQUEST 2011-04-04
An innovative method for elastic construction foundation for anti-seismic use of buildings Greece OFFER 2011-12-02
Technology of washing vehicles used in the production of concrete. Poland REQUEST 2010-05-05
The acoustic wooden panels for construction technology. Poland OFFER 2011-05-16
A technology for gypsum binder production from sludge of chemical water treatment for heat and power plants Russia OFFER 2009-05-15
Olive Oil separation technologies Israel REQUEST 2010-02-15
Rocket propellant stock utilization for environmental protection. Poland OFFER 2009-06-18
Economical and environmentally-friendly utilization of large amounts of milk-processing by-product Hungary OFFER 2011-10-19
Casting and sintering of large dimension silico-aliminous products France REQUEST 2009-05-07
Phosphate removal pellets United Kingdom OFFER 2009-05-07
Extraction process of organic and metallic pollutants from industrial effluents without using organic solvents France OFFER 2011-07-29
An innovative process for “environmental friendly” waste-to-energy flameless combustion and energy recovery Italy OFFER 2010-05-26
Green pallets, revolution in transport with environmentally friendly pallets. Iceland OFFER 2009-04-28
Machines for waste treatmet using environmental protection. Poland OFFER 2009-06-18
Preliminary cleaning of sewage coming from production of wooden doors and windows Poland OFFER 2009-04-28
Cheap method to produce hydrogen directly from synthetic and natural organics and wastes Italy OFFER 2012-04-05
Technology of dismantling cars and home equipment. Poland REQUEST 2012-03-15
Submerged Combusion Unit for Reducing Cost and CO2 Emissions of Organic Waste Treatment Processes United Kingdom OFFER 2010-04-13
New technology for water sediment treatment. Poland REQUEST 2010-04-21
Cryogenic / shot-blasting freezing technology Malta REQUEST 2011-10-25
Water-Resistant Recyclable Packaging Stock USA REQUEST 2009-04-16
A microbial fuel cell to treat effluents France OFFER 2011-07-29
Heat-exchanger working with poultry droppings Italy OFFER 2010-01-05
Ionic exchanger on basis of natural material for waste water treatment Germany OFFER 2009-04-15
An innovative Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution to generate energy from fatty by-products. France OFFER 2012-12-17
Plasma-technology-based treatment of chemical hazardous wastes Israel OFFER 2013-02-06
Production line for manufacturing pellets. Poland REQUEST 2009-04-10
Waste water treatment facilities. Latvia REQUEST 2009-04-09
Technology for biodiesel production from crude or waste vegetable oils Romania OFFER 2012-07-25
Methods and equipment to re-cycle and colour borosilicate glass Finland REQUEST 2010-12-07
Aquatic Plant Solution Technology to Reduce Eutrophication in Rivers and Lakes Spain REQUEST 2009-11-10
Halophile treatment of an hypersaline wastewater Spain REQUEST 2009-11-10
Enabling Direct Recycling of Asphalt Roofing Products USA REQUEST 2009-04-02
Sustainable flexible versatile green material as a substitute for commonly used sheet materials Germany OFFER 2011-05-25
Innovative technology for the collection and the valorisation of the humid waste Italy OFFER 2009-03-30
Cost-effective, asphalt recycling -remix- technology for replacement and renewal of road surfaces Hungary OFFER 2009-03-30
A new process for elimination of toxic metals from water France OFFER 2009-03-27
Comminution in controlled operative condition Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
Water, slurry and soil pollution treatment by targeted use of bio-fixed bacteria Belgium OFFER 2011-08-22
Recycling (technology) for Duroplast Switzerland REQUEST 2009-03-19
Environmentally-friendly solution for composting of organic waste. Poland REQUEST 2010-03-07
Technology for treatment and reuse of residue labels from a bottle washing machine. Spain REQUEST 2009-03-17
Utilisation of waste keratin from poultry industry to production of novel polymer Poland OFFER 2009-03-16
Obtaining four products from gas which is by-product of sea crude oil. Poland OFFER 2009-03-16
Production of elastomers based on used PET Poland OFFER 2009-03-16
Technology to recycle tyres in rubber granulates used to reinforce road pavement Poland OFFER 2009-03-16
Hyaluronic acid extraction and quantify from leather waste Spain REQUEST 2009-11-10
Biogas plant based on gas vortex reactor for processing liquid organic wastes from poultry, hog breeding plants and farmsRussia OFFER 2009-03-13
Heat Pump System for Waste Heat Recovery in Sewage Treatment Facilities USA REQUEST 2009-03-13
Production of agglomerate slabs or panels regardless the type of wood Portugal OFFER 2009-12-30
Software Tool adapting or updating easy to EU Standards and new EU Regulations Germany OFFER 2009-03-05
Treatment of unsorted municipal solid waste using unique biological sub-systems to reduce the initial weight of waste Israel OFFER 2009-03-03
System for the treatment of metallically loaded rinse and sewage water Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
A new mobile laboratory for quick analysis of LPG Poland OFFER 2009-09-23
New system for the production of biogas through organic waste Portugal OFFER 2010-01-06
PVC-foils from recycled waste for water insulation purposes Hungary OFFER 2010-02-16
Mobile container-based sludge dehydration technology for dewatering sewage sludge of small towns Hungary OFFER 2010-02-16
Regeneration of chemical oxidants and reducers Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Modelling of heavy metals in soil and sediments Spain REQUEST 2011-02-07
New polystyrene pellets production with use of building waste Poland OFFER 2009-02-23
System of water purifying and deposit draining Poland OFFER 2009-08-17
Alternative fuels preparation technology Poland REQUEST 2009-02-20
Technology for industrial wastewater, sludge and oily waste treatment Poland REQUEST 2009-02-20
Recovery process of energy-products of olive oil and cork Portugal OFFER 2009-11-12
Electrodialysis processes for sewage treatment Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Waste water treatment by electrochemical technology Spain OFFER 2013-01-14
Eco-friendly technology for textile production with hemp fiber Sweden REQUEST 2009-02-18
Wireless double-arm mobile teleoperator for carrying technological tooling Slovak Republic OFFER 2012-11-13
Know-how regarding underground rail transport for RDF Malta REQUEST 2011-11-09
Value Added Applications of Pork By-products USA REQUEST 2009-02-09
Innovative manual or robotized device for removing lead-based paint, asbestos, roughcast and all rendering containing harmful components France OFFER 2009-02-05
Biorenewables and/or waste material as phenol replacement in binders for high pressure laminates Austria REQUEST 2009-02-05
Seeking Technology to Manufacture Briquettes for Barbeque from Olive Pit Residues Israel REQUEST 2009-06-29
Energy from waste Poland REQUEST 2009-02-03
Management and new opportunities for reinforcement glass waste Spain REQUEST 2009-02-03
EEC Compliant Waste Cooking Oil Containers & Closed Loop Systems United Kingdom OFFER 2009-01-28
Development of geopolymeric materials Greece OFFER 2009-01-27
Environmental friendly technology of utilisation of the sewage sludge Poland REQUEST 2009-06-18
Incineration plant Poland REQUEST 2009-06-18
Wastewater sludge mineralising Poland OFFER 2009-01-27
A new reactor and system enable repeated use of water for the treatment in open cooling system Israel OFFER 2012-12-16
Development of a new solution for treatment of open hot water systems for consumption Israel OFFER 2012-12-16
New treatment solution of closed water systems for central heating, air conditioning and support of industrial manufacturing Israel OFFER 2012-08-22
Dewatering machine for drinking water production and dewatering of dredger masses and polluted sediments Sweden OFFER 2009-03-12
Extraction & recycling of polycarbonate waste from CDs and DVDs France REQUEST 2009-01-20
New concept of water treatment –accelerates natural phenomena to inhibit scale and corrosion, eliminate the use of inhibitors and any additives Israel OFFER 2012-12-16
Method for neutralization and utilization of galvanic slurries – wastes of chromium- and nickel-plating Russia OFFER 2010-09-23
Ethanol / Mixed Alcohols Production USA REQUEST 2009-01-14
Scrap Tyre Compaction System United Kingdom OFFER 2010-09-28
Biodegradable and compostable composites for packaging and building materials United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-22
Technology to dramatically improve the operational and economic dynamics of treating waste-water and sewage sludge using anaerobic digestion United Kingdom OFFER 2010-10-22
Technology of processing waste into furnace oil Czech Republic REQUEST 2010-12-16
An experimental process for porous glass production starting from Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) waste glass Italy OFFER 2012-12-18
New System base on high ozone concentration in water flow for hydrocarbon remediation Italy OFFER 2010-01-05
Dry mass extraction from fish processing waste waters Latvia REQUEST 2008-12-11
Composting reactor using special microorganism. Sweden OFFER 2010-01-20
Mobile Reconditioning Service Poland OFFER 2008-12-09
Innovative Water Disinfection System Germany OFFER 2010-11-22
Biological Air Treatment SystemFrance OFFER 2013-04-30
Technology for conversion of PET flakes, LDPE and HDPE materials to fuels or raw materials. Czech Republic REQUEST 2012-12-13
Compact Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater TreatmentFrance OFFER 2013-04-30
Robust and Lightweight Enclosure Material Sought For Self-Service Devices Used in Banking and Financial Services United Kingdom REQUEST 2011-01-05
Horizontal thin film evaporator for high quality purification of liquids at low costsAustria OFFER 2008-12-02
Protocol for evaluating river restoration projects (APR) Spain OFFER 2009-11-10
Sludge Reduction Process in Wastewater Treatment France OFFER 2012-10-27
Extremely low cost Olive Oil wastewater treatment that enables added income from additional olive oil recovery Israel OFFER 2010-02-15
Biological system for the combined treatment of wastewaters and off-gases from food industries Netherlands OFFER 2008-11-19
Foundry Sand Valorisation for Use in the Construction Sector Spain OFFER 2010-02-10
Liquid and solid waste valorisation through dry gases cleaning Spain OFFER 2008-11-17
A mechanical instrument to recovery the glass in a washing machine Italy REQUEST 2008-11-17
Innovative applications with ultrasonic technologiesFrance OFFER 2013-06-17
Fractal Flow Control Grids United Kingdom OFFER 2012-01-31
Cleaning of sewage created during processing of wood Poland OFFER 2008-11-12
New more efficient water treatment technology for drinking water production as well as industrial water recycling without chemical aid Germany OFFER 2008-11-11
Biogas generating waste- and processing water treatment technology Germany OFFER 2011-03-30
Technology from chemistry or recycling of chemicalsCzech Republic REQUEST 2013-05-03
Robust and reliable Biodiesel Processor Sweden OFFER 2010-09-27
Smart waste sorting Sweden OFFER 2010-09-27
Industrial paper shredder with integrated baler for shredding of classified documents and materials Poland REQUEST 2008-11-06
Technology for the Gasification/Pyrolysis of Waste Wood Ireland REQUEST 2008-11-04
Storm drain for filtering of storm water and waste water for municipal and private pipe systems Sweden OFFER 2011-11-01
Multidune: a hydraulic separator for plastics sorting and recycling Italy OFFER 2011-12-19
Valorisation of chrome tanned leather shavings and trimmings Spain OFFER 2008-10-31
Design and construction of high performance knife gate valves for fluid containment France OFFER 2009-07-06
Innovative drainage system for polluted site remediation. Italy OFFER 2008-10-22
High performance polymeric composites based on polycarbonate waste, including compact discs Poland OFFER 2009-09-11
Waste Processing Technology United Kingdom OFFER 2008-10-21
Reprocessing of textile waste into insulation materials Lithuania REQUEST 2008-10-21
A new biological pre-treatment for organic solid waste management Spain OFFER 2012-12-07
Ammonia removal from digested substrates and production of ammonium sulphate fertilizer by using exhaust heat of CHP without addition of alkali or acids Germany OFFER 2008-10-09
Utilisation of low-cost adsorbents for removal of heavy metals Greece OFFER 2009-11-26
State-of-the-art anaerobic digestion and composting Denmark OFFER 2009-09-02
Technology requested for complex utilization and recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELV) . Poland REQUEST 2008-09-18
Small scale anaerobic systems for treatment of concentrated waste and biogas production Netherlands OFFER 2010-09-21
aerated activated carbon filtration Belgium OFFER 2008-09-12
Recycling of surfactant from sheepskin aqueous degreasing Spain OFFER 2008-09-12
Method and System for the Recycling of Grey Water for Industrial and Household Use to Reduce the Demand on the Supply of Potable Water Cyprus OFFER 2009-09-18
Valorisation of fleshings coming from tannery wastes Spain OFFER 2008-09-09
Simple technology to dehydrate sewage sludge by gravitation and drying with direct solar energy Austria OFFER 2010-10-19
Inflatable bucket to protect against oil spills from heavy vehicles Sweden OFFER 2012-05-23
A new system for the separate collection of municipal domestic solid waste Italy OFFER 2008-09-03
Efficient and Environmentally friendly biodiesel production from microalgae cultures Italy OFFER 2008-09-03
Recycling of plastics - looking for new technologies Poland REQUEST 2008-08-29
Next generation biomass gasification power plant with increased efficiency Austria OFFER 2010-08-17
Technology for utilization of stream of PET flakes, LDPE and HDPE foils. Czech Republic REQUEST 2012-12-13
Pulsed combustion burner technology Netherlands OFFER 2008-08-18
Method to recover useful materials such as demineralised water, salts, metals, id from aquous process streams. Netherlands OFFER 2010-08-10
Technology for recycling of iron-hydroxide into useful products Netherlands REQUEST 2008-08-08
Ecological pre-treatment of acetate and glycolstreams (e.g. de-icing area) in wastewater and water treatment installation. Belgium OFFER 2008-09-15
Waste water treatment by new vortex separation technology with flow energy process Germany OFFER 2009-07-28
Technology for the cultivation of extreme areas and raw soils under extreme conditions Germany OFFER 2010-06-29
Plants for processing various wastes into homogenous particles and alternative fuel Poland OFFER 2009-07-09
Thermo-mechanical digestion of wood for horticulture and several new applications Germany OFFER 2010-10-04
Innovative system to reclaim the subsoil and depurate the ground waters Italy OFFER 2009-08-31
Preventing rainwater entering the sewer network to minimize treatment volume of sewage Germany OFFER 2008-07-25
Catalytic oil production method Germany OFFER 2010-06-24
Desalination of waters / Water Treatment Germany OFFER 2009-07-08
Integral solution of air, soil and groundwater pollution with a manure treatment system Netherlands OFFER 2008-07-24
Know-how and technology of utilization of used vehicle tires Poland REQUEST 2009-06-29
Innovative, environmental and green marketing-friendly container closure security strip United Kingdom OFFER 2009-01-09
Innovative, economical and ecologically sound solution for waste disposal and landfill rehabilitation through Diagenetic Inertising Austria OFFER 2009-07-09
Waste electrical and electronic material recycling Italy REQUEST 2010-12-28
Pyrolysis of products containing hydrocarbon Germany OFFER 2010-03-24
Conditioning of metalliferous dishwaters using electrodialysis Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Method of wastewater treatment using nitrification Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Innovative methods for Noble Metals recovery from Hi-Tech waste and separation/inertization/recovery treatments on heavy and/or toxic metals Italy OFFER 2010-07-22
The first 100% recyclable PET bottle Italy OFFER 2011-10-25
Energy saving and condensing boilers Italy OFFER 2011-04-08
Electrochemical processes for water treatment Italy OFFER 2011-07-04
Biodiesel production by enzymatic catalysis Italy OFFER 2011-12-22
Polyolefin-Recycling and energy generation from waste Germany OFFER 2008-07-02
Method and device for separation of polymer mixtures Germany OFFER 2011-01-24
Thermal exploitation of waste products as derived fuel Germany OFFER 2012-08-01
Valorisation of the chemicals available from biorefining of waste biomass Italy OFFER 2009-05-15
Comfortable and biodegradable textiles and fibrous products for bedclothes Sweden OFFER 2009-03-26