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Spanish company manufacturing a new patented house device that avoids water and energy waste up to 23%, looks for distributors in the home sector interested in selling its plug and play product.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: BOES20181113002
Publication Date: 29 November 2018


The Spanish company manufactures a new house device that avoids the water and energy waste until the hot water reaches the taps. It offers the comfort of avoid cold water splash, and also  wasting time. Efficiency and savings certified by UEAtc.The company is looking for distributors of boilers, plumbers, water taps, kitchens, bathrooms or house devices, and in a second stage investment funds with the capacity to incorporate water and energy waste products into distribution channels.


The manufacturing company, from Spain, offers a new plug and play product, easy to install to avoid the fact that every day and in every home, from when a hot tap is turned on to when water comes out at the required temperature, large volumes of water run down the drain are lost, which in addition to the waste in itself becomes a waste product which is highly costly to treat. This device prevents more than 10.000 litres of wasted water per person/year.

The company produces a range of appliances, needed by everybody and not enough offered in the market. The business opportunity will have strong appeal as the global market is unexploited. There are already granted patents in USA and Europe and there are other countries with patent request pending. Nevertheless, the permanent innovation of the new devices and applications, ensure continuity and expansion. The production line can produce 200.000 devices yearly working for 110 and 220 volts 50 – 60Hz with 7 different plugs for different world countries.

The company is looking for distributors interested in incorporating water saving technology into their product portfolio or in their growth strategy.This product can be interesting for companies working with home devices and the building industry, and the distribution service agreement can be a good solution to get a commitment from foreing companies in making know the product and enlarge its sales.
Also, in a second stage, the company would also look for investment funds with the capacity to incorporate water and energy waste products into distribution channels. This partner may help the company in its future growth strategy.



Advantages and Innovations

The product offered has just entered into the market and has received 15 awards around the world.
- It is a plug and play house device, installed in 5 minutes without any special labours, or any modification in the piping system. Its electrical consume is less than 3€ per year, however it saves thermal energy 25 times what it is consumed.
- The boiler only will consume gas, when the hot water is being used.
- With only one device installed under the washing basin, it is more than enough for water saving in each house’s tap.
- The designed aesthetic is smart and its safety is demonstrated by the CE Certificate and the DIT plus European UEAtc Certificate. The new model, automatically avoids the house pipes system become frozen in cold weathers.

Other solutions offered by competitors:
• Placing a recirculating pump at the outlet of the hot water heater (ACS), where it is necessary to decide and to schedule in which different time any member of the family will use hot water throughout the day. The system does not work the person wants to make use of the water in unscheduled moments, such as the many improvised uses in the kitchen. The energy consumption of having the pump circulating for long periods is very expensive.

• Placing the whole system under the sink, putting switches to be operated by the user and doing an installation, since it is not a household appliance and therefore requires a security check, if it is an inhabited and wet zone. Requires for the installation the help of a plumbing professional. In many boilers, the water pipes are not accessible, but are embedded, so it may require masonry and professional plumbing.

• Other ways to avoid this water loss is to install a hot water recirculation ring with a pump and an accumulator, before finishing the plumbing installation of the home. Once finished it will be necessary to install channels in all the walls. The energy costs is very high and it is necessary to program de use.

IPR status

Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for partners with some sales channels or major distributors companies for individual countries over the world, in the following sectors: construction companies and promoters; plumbers distributors; boilers Maintenance and manufacturers companies, taps manufacturers and sellers, kitchen and bathrooms manufacturers and sellers, domestic appliances distributors, water management with some interest in offering and selling its product among the existing customers. Also this product may be interesting for electricity managers companies or city councils and governments.

The partner searched needs to have direct access or have its own distributor channel to promote the products. Construction companies and promoters, bathrooms manufacturers and sellers, plumbers, kitchens, bathrooms, house devices, or even energy and water management office with a goodwill to offer the patented products.

In a second stage, the company would also look for investment funds with the capacity to incorporate water and energy waste products into distribution channels

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