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A SME from South-West of Poland offers its technological support as a subcontractor for different metal and plastic production. Company can also cooperate under outsourcing or manufacturing agreement.

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: BOPL20210430003
Publication Date: 7 May 2021


The Polish south-western company is looking for partners in the field of production of non-serial, non-typical elements, mainly of metal and plastic. It could be parts for industries such us: automotive, mechanical engineering, food processing.The company can supply the technological know-how or as a subcontractor take care of the entire manufacturing process in accordance with the received orders. The company seeks cooperation under subcontracting, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.


The south-western Polish company cooperates with businesses in all sectors. The company has a modern machine park with a warehouse and offers subcontractor services specifically tailored to the client needs. The company is already on the market and is able to execute orders in small production series. At present the company is also ready to expand its business activity and start cooperation with companies from abroad under subcontracting, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements, however the company is also open to enter into other types of cooperation

Advantages and Innovations

Advantages and Innovations of the Company:
- Large machine park (Lathes, Press, CNC, Water Jet, Plasma, hardening, carburizing, etc.)
- Know-how in the field of construction, operating on Autocad programs, experienced constructors
- Possibility of performing the entire production process in the company. The company needs the client's idea and is ready to take care of the rest, e.g. calculations, technical assumptions and performance
- Possibility of rapid changes in production, adapting to the current needs
- Designing products in accordance with the client needs

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for partners to cooperate under subcontracting, license, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements, preferably for a long-term cooperation in the area of different metal and plastic parts production for various sectors of industry.
At this time company works for industries such us: automotive, mechanical engineering, food processing, wood industry.

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