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Polish ecological manufacturer of chokeberry juice and cosmetics is looking for distributors

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: BOPL20211018001
Publication Date: 18 October 2021


A Polish entrepreneur with almost 8 year-long experience on the food market is looking for distributors. The company is engaged in ecological plantation of chokeberry (aronia berry) in the North-Eastern Poland and produces chokeberry juice and cosmetics based on chokeberry. The manufacturer is looking for distributors abroad want to sell his products in foreign market. The cooperation will be based on distribution agreement.


The entrepreneur is an owner of ecological plantation of chokeberry in the North-Eastern Poland which provides chokeberry fruits used for production of chokeberry juice and cosmetics. It is also possible to order chokeberry fruits or ready-to-serve chokeberry juice. The entrepreneur offers also cosmetics and other products based on chokeberry such as: 
- chokeberry extract- has antioxidant properties, preventing the passage of oxidative damage to DNA, proteins and lipids
- bio-jam of chokeberry- produced from frozen chokeberry with the addition of apple juice. The product is practically free of mineral and organic impurities
- chokeberry fibre- organic micronized chokeberry peel with fresh, supports the digestive system
- soothing cream for hands (75ml)
- body lotion reinforcing vessels (200ml)
- soothing tonic for face (200ml)
- moisturizing and strengthening cream (50ml)
- anti-wrinkle and strengthening cream (50ml).
The producer works with many medical universities which study the properties of the fruit . The producer has a ECO certificates. He works as a small manufactory because he wants to keep the products good quality. The producer is looking for distributors which supply the products to ecological shops. The cooperation will be based on distribution agreement.







Advantages and Innovations

- the chokeberry which is used in production came from the purest lands of Europe ( the plantation is located in the Biebrza National Park- the biggest National Park in Europe)
- the beneficial properties of chokeberry were noticed by scientists conducting research in military laboratories.
- possibility to adjust to clients' needs (the manufacturer can adjust the labels on the packaging and the sales offer in the language of the foreign partner)

- ECO certifications
- traditional method of juice manufacturing

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for distributors with experience on the ecological products market, able to reach both wholesale and retail sellers. The company is interested in establishing both short-term (single order) and long- term cooperation. The cooperation will be based on distribution agreements.

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