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Ukrainian manufacturer of heavy-duty machine tools looking for the international partnership based on the manufacturing agreement or distribution services agreement.

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Reference Number: BOUA20200630002
Publication Date: 1 July 2020


Ukrainian company, established in 1941, develops and manufactures heavy and unique machines which are successfully used in more than 50 countries of the world. The company is looking for international partners to conclude a manufacturing agreement or distribution service agreement.


The company's business today – machine tool building, production of wind generators, high-precision machining services, production of steel constructions and iron castings.
It manufactures universal special machines which are designed for power, metallurgical and oil-and-gas industry, machine building and railway transport, machines of single-part and small-batch production. The company performs retrofit and after-sales service both of own-produced machines and machines of other manufacturers.
Lathes and screw-cutting lathes, surfacing lathes, machines for processing of crankshafts, roll-turning machines, machines for processing of axles and wheelsets of railway, centerless turning machines, deep-boring machines, pipe-cropping machines and pipe-facing machines, machines for processing of pipe mill rolls, ingot-cutting machines, machines for processing of aluminium billets, machines for processing of carbon electrodes graphitic nipples; automated lines for processing of waggon axles of railway transport.

Nonstandard products such as casting, molds, ladles, scoops, transportation dollies, straightening machine feeders, platforms for transport of scrap, cooling plats, slag carriages, bucket tilt stands, bottom removing devises, electrical lifters for wheelsets.
Production of steel constructions acc. to drawings of the Customer.
The company is interested in the long-term cooperation under distribution agreement or manufacturing agreement with partners who are looking for suppliers of new machine tools, steel constructions, retrofit of machine tools.
The desired outcome of an international partnership: expanding the sales network worldwide.


Advantages and Innovations

-	Qualified experienced team 
- Certificate ISO 9001:2015
- Wide experience in machine-tool building
- Customer-oriented solutions
- Service at all stages of cooperation, warranty and post-warranty service
- Employment of modern machinery

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Ukrainian company is interested to expand the list of clients on base of manufacturing agreement or distribution service agreement.  It is looking for the distributors who have experience in promotion of machine tools or metal working equipment for the end customer.
The company is also ready to cooperate on base of manufacturing agreement to produce the machine tools and steel constructions in accordance with customers requirements (drawings).

Cooperation offer is closed for requests