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A German online food delivery service is looking for a compression molding manufacturer to produce custom lids for its food to-go packaging

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: BRDE20210511002
Publication Date: 11 May 2021


A German sustainable online food delivery service is looking for a compression molding company to manufacture custom food grade lids (silicone and Thermoplastic Rubber (TPE) / Polypropylene (PP) / Polyethylene (PE)) for its food to-go packaging according to the design requirements set by the German company. 

The company is interested in partnerships in the frame of a manufacturing agreement.


A German SME - with extensive experience in running delivery focused restaurants, IT and building mobile first companies - has developed a sustainable and innovative application-based restaurant delivery service with a smart deposit system for their reusable packaging. 

Customers can pre-order restaurant meals through an app and receive refrigerated meals in reusable packaging within selected time windows.

Used packaging is returned hassle-free to the company's delivery drivers upon the next delivery and is cleaned by the company for reuse. In doing so, the company eliminates food packaging waste in its food deliveries.

The company has designed custom lids for its rectangular and round packaging but cannot manufacture them in-house. Therefore, the company is seeking a compression molding company to produce the silicone and TPE/PP/PE lids. The cooperation between the company and the manufacturer will be established under a manufacturing agreement.

Expertise sought

The potential compression molding partner should have extensive experience in manufacturing food grade silicone and TPE/PP/PE lids and should be able to react quickly to (rising) demand.

They must also be able to produce rectangular and round lids in different sizes. Specifically, the following requirements need to be met:

- Lid sizes up to 235x156mm for the rectangular version and Ø 200mm for the round one
- The lids must be dishwasher proof
- The lids must be LFBG certified / approved
- The lids must comply with the European legislation on Food Contact Materials: Directive 84/500/EC and the amendment Directive 2005/31/EC

The food delivery company is open to discuss different solutions for the lid.

Packaging and delivery:
- bulk packaging
- DAP incoterm (Delivery at Place)

The expected number of lids to be manufactured is:
- 6,000 pieces in batch 1 (2021 - as soon as possible)
- 50,000 pieces in batch 2 (end of 2021)
- frequent return orders in the years after

Requested partner

The company is looking for a manufacturing agreement with a compression molding company for food grade products made out of silicone and TPE/PP/PE. The partner will have to be experienced in international logistics, in order to expedite deliveries to Germany.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests