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Spanish company seeks worldwide providers of remanufactured or new wind turbine spare parts for a supplier agreement.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: BRES20210205001
Publication Date: 5 February 2021


A Spanish company working in the maintenance of wind towers and turbines is looking for worldwide providers of wind turbines spare parts, such as blades, pumps, gearboxes, electrical motors or brakes, under a supplier agreement. They have a great international experience and they also have ISO’s certifications. The company would like to sign long term agreements with new suppliers of remanufactured or new spares parts, enhancing its maintenance services portfolio.


A Spanish company from Pamplona (Navarre), has huge experience in the field of renewable energies (engineering, supervision, inspection, maintenance, blades and spare parts) and in offshore and naval design services. The company is specialized in solar and wind energy. They have great experience in logistics projects on site, offshore and in storage areas as well as in offshore and maritime engineering. They also manage the maintenance of blades and towers with the use of chemical and non-chemical products. Regarding the construction sector in renewable energy, they have huge experience in quality inspections, audit services, loading and unloading surveys, and supervision and commissioning services.

The company has been working for more than 10 years in the international market with 24 projects in different countries around the world with own company offices in at least 12 countries. More than 80% of their projects are international. Besides its great international experience, the company also have ISO’s certifications that assure its target clients the quality of the product and the commitment the company has with the environment.

The company would like to sign a supplier agreement with a company that could provide them with spare parts (i.e. blades, pumps, gearboxes, electrical motors, brakes, etc.) for wind turbines. Although the company would be highly interested in remanufactured spare parts, the supplier can also offer completely new spare parts.

Advantages and Innovations

The company is highly specialized in the wind energy sector. It has a great knowledge of how the sector works, complying with large organisations´s requirements, and it also has expertise on working internationally. Besides, the company has the certifications that reassure its knowledge and quality of the products and commitment to the environmental management of the projects and service offered.
• ISO9001
• ISO14001
• ISO45001

Expertise sought

In order to guarantee high quality standards, the company is looking for remanufactured or new wind turbine spare parts providers that could demonstrate the compliance with the contracting requirement of large companies of the offshore wind sector.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought:
Provider of remanufactured or new wind turbine spare parts.

- Specific area of activity of the partner:
Commercialization of spare parts for wind turbines in the renewable energies sector.

- Task to be performed:
The company would like to sign a supplier agreement for new or remanufactured spare turbine parts. The provider should have a large experience in international markets and have great expertise in remanufacturing or trading of wind turbine spare parts. It should also comply with suppliers' procurement policies or requirements of large renewable energy companies.

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