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Dutch commercial agency is looking for international companies with innovative and/or sustainable food products to represent

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: BRNL20210111001
Publication Date: 19 January 2021


The Dutch company, based in the middle of the Netherlands, has ample experience and network in both food service and food retail.
The focus area is on business opportunities in the field of innovative and sustainable food products and beverages. A commercial agency agreement is offered to foreign companies.


From its previous business activities, this Dutch independent and privately owned consultancy and commercial agency has a broad expertise on sustainable and innovative food.
Focus is on business development services including consultancy services in internationalization, with the aim to launch and grow food (and beverage) brands in both foodservice and retail segments.
The products to represent must be natural driven products from companies with sustainability in their dna.

The company will take care of research for the best contacts, finding the right partners, matchmaking and will work on first supplies.
Apart from market scans, the company can initiate promotions, sampling b2b, testings, future events, and it has a test team ready for new products for the Dutch (and Belgian) market.
Logistic expertise including warehousing is also available with fresh, frozen and ambient know how.
Customers to represent are sustainable and healthy driven companies that want to accelerate their growth or create conditions for growth.
The commercial agent has access to regional insights and consumer trends and has a database of many distributors in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Collaboration is offered in the frame of a commercial agency agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

- many years of experience in the food industry, 
- a small and agile organization that can quickly react to circumstances.
- know-how based on experience and established contacts in the food industry,
- the company is also involved in trade of eco/bio and vegan food products,
- the company is familiar with new trends in the Dutch food industry.

Expertise sought

the company would like to expand its offer with innovative and sustainable food products and beverages to be able to sell them to both food retail and food service operating on the Dutch and/or Belgian market.

Requested partner

The company is looking for cooperation with manufacturers of innovative and/or ecological or vegan food products and beverages in introducing its products on the Dutch and/or Belgian market. Expected cooperation: commercial agency agreement.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests