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Polish company requests prefabricated houses for distribution

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: BRPL20201009002
Publication Date: 12 October 2020


A Polish company specialised in the production and distribution of prefabricated wooden houses is looking for producers and suppliers of similar products so it can expand its assortment. The firm is interested in single-storey (optionally with mezzanine), modern-looking houses with a tongue and groove siding. Cooperation in the form of a distribution services agreement is requested.


A company from the northwestern part of Poland operates in the construction industry with a specialisation in prefabricated houses. It produces and distributes ready-to-assemble wooden summer houses, garden houses, toolsheds as well as greenhouses and terrace roofings. The firm has storage facilities, where it always keeps at least 150 houses ready for dispatch, and own construction teams that can put them together, if requested by customers. They've worked with international partners and have an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe, in countries such as Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia.

The company would like to expand its assortment therefore it looks for manufacturers of prefabricated houses interested in distributing their products via the company's channels. Partners will be responsible for designing and producing the houses, providing their transport and promotional materials. In turn, the company's role will be to find new customers and work out details of cooperation with them.

Expertise sought

The firm is looking for experienced, financially stable and reliable manufacturers of prefabricated houses:
- construction: tongue and groove joints,
- style: partner's own design, preferably modern, barn-like look
- no. of floors: single-story or single-story with a mezzanine;
- gross floor area: up to 35m2

The company looks to enrich its assortment so the products should slightly differ from, but supplement, houses in its current offer, which are:
- made of chamber-dried Norway spruce,
- log walls (19-45mm logs)
- framing-free construction - walls are the sole supporting structures.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of Partner Sought: producers of prefabricated houses
- Role of Partner Sought: A partner is expected to design and manufacture prefabricated houses and provide them in quantity and quality requested by the firm.

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