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Serbian distributor is looking for pharmaceuticals and medical devices suppliers from the EU countries

Country of Origin: Serbia
Reference Number: BRRS20210105001
Publication Date: 9 February 2021


The Serbian distributor of pharmaceutical and medical products and medical devices looks for suppliers willing to enter the Serbian market. The products can be both registered and unregistered. The company is 26 years in business and has a collaboration with several pharmaceutical companies around the world. The company is looking for partners under distribution services agreement.


The Serbian company has more than 26 years of experience in wholesale and logistic support for the pharmaceutical industry.  Based in Belgrade it has grown into one of the leading companies in the field of import and registering pharmaceutical and medical products. The company also imports and acquires all necessary certificates for medical devices. They deliver partners' products registered and unregistered according to Serbian laws to the extensive network of hospitals (also for clinical trials), pharmacies, vaccination stations, and patients' houses. The company cooperates with both multinationals and small manufacturers. They have experience in collaboration with partners from the EU countries as well as from European countries outside the EU (Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro).

The company has the necessary certificates for the import and distribution of pharmaceuticals in Serbia. They fulfil the requirements of the GDP (Good distribution practice) for the pharmaceutical industry, which is especially important in the case of products requiring controlled temperature conditions, such as in the so-called 'cold chain'. It conducts business in line with the ISO 9001:2015 standards. The company is part of the continuous quality monitoring system by the Ministry of the health of the Republic of Serbia and the certification body.

The company offers comprehensive distribution services. They are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical and medical products to sell these products on the Serbian market. The company offers also services complementing the distribution process, such as warehousing in their own facility, transport and logistics in the whole country, and support in finding marketing partners. Their services include also dealing with pharmaceutical products imported from outside the EU and awaiting clearance, import of products and medical devices for a clinical trial.

Advantages and Innovations

More than 26 years of experience as a pharmaceutical distributor.

Own modern, specialised warehousing facility which is located in Belgrade and well communicated, thanks to which the company can provide smooth transportation of partners' products to all parts of the country.

The company has a large final client base of over 400 state and private health institutions.

It cooperates with
-Ministry of Health of Republic Serbia,
-Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia,
-National Health Insurance Fond of Serbia,
-Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Dr Milan Jovanović Batut",
-Stop TB Partnership Global Drug Facility.

Expertise sought

The company is looking for medical devices and products from the pharmaceutical industry and medicine, applied for the treatment of tuberculosis (TBC), stem cell transplantation, cardiac surgery, anaesthesia, intensive care, orphan drugs, oncology, neurology, psychiatry, urology, and gastroenterology.  The products and medical devices can be both registered and unregistered. 

The potential client could also be a company performing clinical trials in Serbia, for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

IPR status


Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for pharmaceuticals, medical products and devices ready to be introduced to the Serbian market. As the company's offer is wide and diversified, they are interested in various products from the above-mentioned groups, including pharmaceuticals for hospital use and products for clinical trials. Details regarding the volume, frequency and other parameters are to be discussed in due course.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests