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A Spanish SME offers drone based photogrammetry and thermography service solutions for the renewable energy industry

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20201221001
Publication Date: 23 December 2020


A Spanish company with expertise in the acquisition of aerial data by drone photogrammetry in the renewable energy sector seeks partnerships in the form of commercial agreements with technical assistance.


Spanish company with over 15 years of expertise, has worked in the offshore industry, mainly the renewables market at the North Sea, North Atlantic and Mediterranean. 

The SME originally started with geophysical offshore surveys and rapidly expanded its service portfolio to drone surveys as well
The company provides 4 main services:

• Operations. Spanish and UK pilots network are all fully certified and trained in all our specific data acquisition procedures
• Data acquisition, processing, analysis and reporting
• Consultancy: study our client’s specific needs and provide specific solutions
• R&D department: develop new data analysis methodologies to improve results and reduce costs.

The company offers thermography and photogrametry services with drones for preventive mantenaince and facilities inspections.

The thermography service is a non-invasive tool for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings, solar panels, wind turbines, aeroplane fuselage and a host of other applications. Problems can be identified in advance, documented and corrected before they become more serious and expensive to repair. The use of thermography in the renewable energy sector helps to improve and optimize the energy production, preventive maintenance and reduction of massive personal risks.
And the photogrammetry with drones is an aerial photography technique, which allows to model a 3D surface guaranteeing and accuracy. For costumers means reduce costs, increasing accurate, allowing inaccessible points to be measured and increasing safety.

The solution provide is turnkey, including planning the operations of unmanned aircraft, applying for all necessary permits to the relevant authorities, analyzing data and reporting through artificial intelligent tools and awaiting final monitoring and reporting with all recommendations for action to be taken. The company cloud platform allows to customers have access to all historical data and therefore create better management policies.

The SME provides airborne data acquisition and analysis services, including topography, inspections with unmanned aircraft in both Europe and Latin America is seeking a commercial agreement with technical assistance to extend its activity with drones in the field of:
• Thermal and RGB inspections for Renewables.
• Photogrammetry surveys.
• Topo-Bathymetry surveys with UAVs.
• Video surveys.
• Technical training for noble and experienced UAVs pilots.

Advantages and Innovations

The SME works with state-of-the-art equipment, possesses expert technical know-how and a large network and in the renewable energy market. The company has developed technologies to produce topo-bathy products capable to penetrate water down to 15 meters by only using RGB images and water refraction corrections.

IPR status

Secret Know-how

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The potential partner could be from the offshore inspection, environmental management, research and entertainment, architecture/engineering or building sector seeking to optimise resource management and savings in terms of time and costs. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests