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UK company seeking technical expertise for online virtual tourism and education platform through a joint venture agreement

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20201030001
Publication Date: 30 October 2020


Partners would help to create truly immersive virtual tours and educational experiences by optimising the platform's Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G broadcasting and by integrating 360° live streaming and extended reality into the platform's existing technology. 

Partnerships would be on a joint-venture or financial-agreement basis.


The company is a new UK-based start-up developing a platform that provides immersive online virtual travel opportunities to individuals and schools. 

It offers a simple way to connect instantly to a network of guides that are available worldwide for live, online travel experiences and educational tours.

The platform is the only one so far to combine live video streaming, geolocation, video calling and messaging into a single platform that (a) is dedicated to travel and (b) allows users a high degree of control over the shape and timing of their live experiences.

The platform targets customers in the travel & tourism and educational sectors, including:

-- individuals concerned by the ecological costs of travel, or constrained from traveling as much as they would like

-- individuals interested in the high-quality online experiences now possible through ultra high definition immersive technology

-- schools seeking a low cost and simple way to give students live, immersive experiences with other cultures and regions.

To ensure that it stays at the forefront of virtual travel, the company now plans to integrate emerging technologies, such as 360° live streaming and extended reality, into the platform. The goal is to offer live tour experiences involving remotely mounted and controlled cameras, dynamic views, infographics, and avatars.

It is already possible to find some online examples of virtual travel using emerging technologies. However, such innovations have yet to be integrated comprehensively into a platform dedicated solely to travel, and a number of weaknesses still persist (including buffering and cyber sickness).

The company seeks specialist partners able to help minimise those challenges and ensure a high-quality experience for its users.

Partners are needed to help the company make the most of ongoing broadband improvements (including 5G), and to integrate virtual reality and advanced audiovisual equipment into the platform.

Specifically, the company looks to partner with immersive digital technology companies able to help with:

-- livestreaming of ultra high definition 360° video capture.

-- 5G livestreaming.

-- remote hardware control.

-- extended reality.

Partnerships would be on either a joint-venture or financial-agreement basis.

Expertise sought

The company is seeking technical assistance and expertise in immersive digital technology, via partnerships based on joint venture or financial agreement. The goal is to capitalise on the expected spread of 5G broadband and ongoing improvements in virtual reality, and to integrate advanced audiovisual equipment into the company's platform. This would include ultra high resolution broadcasting equipment, for use in a live broadcasting environment. Expertise is specifically sought in the following areas:

a) Live streaming 360° ultra high definition video from camera to platform.

b) Remote user control over 360° cameras mounted on drones or other remote structures and devices.

c) Overlaying augmented reality imagery and intelligent infographics on objects in the camera's field of vision.

d) Developing interactive avatars to represent the user's virtual presence in remote locations.

e) Optimising the use of Wi-Fi, 4G Long-Term Evolution, and 5G technologies to maximise video streaming speed and quality.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

The company is seeking partners on the basis of a joint venture or financial agreement. 

Ideal partners would include immersive digital technology firms equipped with the skills and resources needed to optimise the product technically.

Partners would assist in identifying features and functionalities that could be introduced or improved, and then help to integrate these innovations into the company's platform.

Dissemination Countries

Austria, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA

Cooperation offer is closed for requests