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Polish partners sought for realisation of waste power plants

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: BODE20210105002
Publication Date: 5 January 2021


A German enterprise is looking for Polish partners for the realisation of several projects concerning the planning, construction and operation of waste power plants in several Polish municipalities. Cooperation can be established on the basis of bi- or multilateral agreements for joint venture, manufacturing and/or subcontracting.


A German enterprise is active in the design and development of advanced technology in the field of transforming waste into energy by using a gasification process which transforms 97 - 99 % of all types of waste into gas, heat or steam which can be used to generate electricity. The enterprise is member of a German group of companies active in the field of research and development, planning and engineering, steel construction works, plant construction and installation.

As a result of its international activities, the enterprise has established contacts with several municipalities in Poland and received orders for building waste power plants. For the realisation of these orders, the enterprise wants to sign agreements with respective local partners who are able to offer necessary planning, construction and operating services. These could be manufacturing agreements, joint venture agreements or subcontracting.
Depending on
- the interests of potential partners and the cooperation respectively the kind of services they are capable of contributing to the realisation of the projects;
- the conditions offered by the respective municipalities;
the involved parties will decide on the form of cooperation they consider most suitable for the realisation of the projects. These might be agreements between two or more parties.

The agreements to be signed will have to
- clearly describe the selected form of cooperation;
- the services to provide and the respective time-frame;
- the financial conditions;
- legal provisions and liabilities.

Advantages and Innovations

State-of-the-art technologies which are being used in steel industries have been adapted and developed by the German enterprise for the purpose of developing a gasification process which transforms all types of bulk waste into clean energy and inert re-usable products. The waste is burned at very high temperature of up to 2,500° degrees Celsius. This high temperature causes toxins - such as dioxins and furans - contained in the feed material to be broken down completely into their harmless or usable components.
The heat generated by the burning process can again be used to generate energy.

Requested partner

Types of partner sought:

1) technical engineering companies, experienced in planning and realisation of electrical power generation plants;
2) building/construction companies with technical experience in the realisation of buildings and ovens for energy recovery through waste incineration;
3) enterprises with experience in the exploitation and operation of waste power plants.

Roles of Partners sought:

To 1)
Suitable Partners for planning and realisation:
- local/regional engineering and architecture enterprises, to draft the plans for the waste power plants;
- local/regional authorities, responsible for the planning and implementation of the projects in order to provide for the respective construction permits and monitor the compliance with existing regulations and laws.

To 2)
Suitable Partners for building/construction and realisation:
- local/regional construction companies with respective experience and the necessary workforce and financial capacities to realise the agreed construction services;
- local/regional enterprises capable of supplying the material and technical equipment needed.

To 3)
Suitable Partners for exploitation and operation of power plant:
- local technical engineering or electricity providing companies to operate and provide service and maintenance for the waste power plant according to the respective agreements made with the municipalities and by providing the technical staff needed.

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