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Financing for the development of an e-commerce platform aimed at all local stores and vendors is sought.

Country of Origin: Portugal
Reference Number: BOPT20200103001
Publication Date: 3 January 2020


Entrepreneur based in Portugal intends to launch an e-commerce platform for the retail sector, an online one-stop-shop marketplace. He is seeking financial backing and cooperation for initial development and launch as well as eventual expansion to other European countries. Financial agreement is sought.


This business proposal originates in Portugal and covers the e-commerce and retail sectors, and concerns the creation of an online marketplace where consumers can compare the prices of goods (initially only groceries) between different stores, place an order from a number of stores, and have all the products delivered together at a time of their choosing. Giving consumers the ability to shop around in this manner allows them to save an average of €40/month on groceries alone, and maybe even more on other purchases. The core products and services of the business will also help local stores and other small stores compete with larger retail chains on a more level playing field, by promoting price transparency. 

The core offerings of the actual business itself are the online platform that allows consumers to order from various adherent retailers and the delivery services involved. The ongoing proof-of-concept and piloting studies conducted to test the idea amongst the target group were quite successful, with an approval rate of 81% amongst 44 consumers who responded to the questionnaire. While there were no outright rejections of the idea proposed to the retailers, 78% were interested in using the platform right away, while 22% wished to see it in action before making up their minds.

Initial financial analyses have projected an ideal turnover of 1.079.600 (one million and seventy-nine hhousand and six hundred Euros) one year after launch, with a growth rate of 179% in year 2. Sources of revenue include earnings from consumers, retailers, and advertising revenue. International expansion to other countries has ideally been planned for 5th year.
In terms of partnerships, the business is looking for an investment of €63.402 (sixty-three thousand and four hundred and two Euros) in funds for round one, as well as on any and all inputs investors could provide in the form of guidance on whether or not to outsource aspects like development of the platform and delivery services initially, of access to new markets, and of any possible connections that could be leveraged within the retail community.
Investors would have input into the working and operations of the company as well as a say in all major decisions, as the project is linked to the establishment of a company.

The company seeks to establish a financial agreement.


Advantages and Innovations

Online shopping isn’t a new concept by any means. However, the options provided by the proposed business do not currently exist within Europe, giving it a major advantage as a trailblazer. The ability to compare and shop across multiple stores on one platform is sure to provide a significant advantage over the existing competition. The delivery radius offered covers more ground than any of the other competitors, and will cover areas which have so far been overlooked when it comes to delivery options (villages, more remote areas, etc.).

For consumers, the main proposition is the opportunity to experience a whole new approach to shopping that takes their needs and requirements into account and caters to them within their timeline. For retailers, it is the ability to sell to a much larger area than they usually would, without needing to spend on extensive marketing campaigns to attract more customers, and without needing to take up the cost of delivery themselves. The images below offer a contrast between the areas retailers typically cater to (a 150m radius), and the new, expanded area they could potentially sell to (a 10KM radius, later expanded to 20 KM).

IPR status

Secret Know-how,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Stage Of Development Comment

An interactive (but limited) demo version of the platform is available. After requisite funds have been raised, the platform will be developed in full.

Requested partner

Financial partners (investors or industry) sought to fund initial development and deployment.
The potential investor could be an individual person, a business angel/investment club, a company as an investor, or any other combination of investors.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests