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Hungarian distributor seeks orthopaedic, rehabilitation and all types of medical devices for home use, with exclusive distributor opportunity

Country of Origin: Hungary
Reference Number: BRHU20210618001
Publication Date: 18 June 2021


The largest Hungarian medical device distributor company works with lots of homecare medical device suppliers, pharmacies, and other companies nationwide and abroad. Its product range represents the latest advancements and most innovative home care medical devices for physically disabled persons. The company is looking for CE marked home care medical devices and orthopaedic, rehabilitation products to widen its portfolio. It offers distribution services to partners abroad for the European market


The company is the largest medical device supply wholesaler in Hungary today. The enterprise has been growing continuously since its inception in 2001. Working with over 180 suppliers, it offers nearly 9000 products nationwide. The company cooperates with over 600 medical devices shops, shoes retailers and close to 2000 pharmacies. 

The portfolio contains products covered by National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (NEAK) and non-supported items as well. The company has exclusive distribution agreement with several well-known manufacturers.

The products represent the latest advancements and most innovative rehabilitation and home care medical devices. The company’s goal is to become the most trusted name in marketplace and being recognized such as producer of excellent quality merchandise.

The company takes extra steps to arrange inventory to meet the needs of marketplace. It continuously offers novel and exciting products, so it is looking for unique orthopaedic, rehabilitation and other medical devices for home use under distribution agreement.

Expertise sought

In Hungary and in Europe the most important regulation is the MDR/ IVDR (Medical Device Regulation/In Vitro Device Regulation). All products (orthopaedic, rehabilitation products and home medical devices) need to meet the specifications of this regulation. 

The products to be distributed should have at least of these features: uniqueness, competitive price, market demand capable of supporting the business. The company is waiting for new and reliable products with favourable prices.

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: Manufacturers of orthopaedic, rehabilitation products and home care medical devices.

The potential partner should have good experience in the field, strong reliability, a good portfolio of products and competitive pricing to be offered on the market. A skilful partner should be flexible to the requests coming from the domestic market.

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