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Qatari manufacturer of recycled Kraft paper is looking for suppliers of waste corrugated cardboard within a supply agreement

Country of Origin: Qatar
Reference Number: BRQA20191015001
Publication Date: 15 October 2019


This Qatari manufacturer of recycled Kraft paper is looking for suppliers of waste corrugated cardboard from various countries. The partners will be traders, wholesalers of waste discarded cartons that will supply the Qatari company through a supply agreement.


This Qatari paper factory, established in 2001, is a division of a group of companies that specializes in the manufacture of recycled Kraft paper. Till 2005, the company was producing high quality 127 gsm (grams per sq. m) fluting and 150 gsm testliner later switching over to higher gsm paper, called as unbleached core board due to vast demand in the GCC market. This company is the only producer in Qatar who can produce up to 400 gsm.
The Company has a state-of-the-art facility in Old Industrial Area with a current production capacity of 25,000 tons per annum with a workforce of 250 employees including the collection of waste discarded cartons.
A new production line produces 300 tons per day (94,000 per annum) of high quality fluting, test liner and unbleached core board starting from 100 gsm to 400 gsm to cater to the local as well as the GCC market.
The manufactured products are :
• Unbleached core board paper (higher gsm)
• Available weight from 250 to 400 gsm or 0.03 to 0.5 mm thickness
• Reel diameter 130 cm and reel width 180 cm
• Fluting and test liner from 100 to 200 gsm
• Reel diameter 130 cm and reel width 4.06 meter
• Recycled Kraft paper

The company is looking for traders and wholesalers that will supply the company with discarded corrugated cardboards in the frame of a supplying agreement.

Expertise sought

The company looks for quality OINP (Over Issue Newspaper)- OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) Grade 95/5, HS Code 47071000-  or American Old Corrugated Carton (AOCC) Grade OCC 11 Select.
waste or scrap papers that will be used as raw materials.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for large traders, wholesalers or any suppliers of waste corrugated cardboards located in various countries. 
The company is interested by a long term supplying agreement with potential suppliers.

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